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Benefits of mobile medical tests

While the list of assets you present to your company's investors may not include "employees," the human element of your company is, in fact, one of your greatest strengths. Having employees who are efficient, passionate, loyal, and healthy can take your business from average to amazing in no time. For this reason, many companies are choosing to focus on the health of their employees, providing ways to promote better lifestyles and better medical options that will benefit everyone.

drug and alcohol testing

One of these ways is the health exam. Many organizations use employee health assessment to help their employees identify potential health problems early and avoid lost work and expensive medical procedures in the future. By making these displays a part of their job and even linking them to incentive programs, employers have been able to foster a healthy environment for all employees.

Mobile medical companies usually perform the following care:

In many cases, these services can make your business OSHA compliant and your workplace compliant with federal or state government contracts. But there are benefits beyond simply keeping your business running smoothly once you prefer to work with a mobile medical company. Consider these important benefits that mobile medical companies can offer you and your employees:

1. Less substance abuse

Regular drug testing, done at random intervals, can help make your workplace safer and more efficient. Substance abusers are more likely to miss work, be late for work, make poor decisions while at work, and have impaired motor skills. These problems not only create an unsafe environment for your other workers, but they also present higher costs in health coverage and premiums.

2. Save time and money with the pre-employment assessment

If a candidate seems like a good fit for your company, you can use a pre-employment assessment to find out what type of job within your organization they are best suited for. If you choose to have a mobile medical company on site on the day of the interviews, you can get the results very quickly and make your entire process much more efficient with same-day hires and an immediate workforce authorized for the positions.

pre-employment health assessments

Pre-employment evaluations can also help detect any pre-existing conditions that need to be considered when enrolling an employee for health benefits. By having as much information as possible just when you need to hire someone to fill a position, you can make the best decision for your company and help your new hire get started in a job that suits their health.

3. Keep your contracts

Imagine you have just received a major contract from the government or a regulated industry and you need to take several steps to ensure that your workplace and your employees meet all required standards. One of the risks of sending your employees through these regulated exams and drug tests is that you will have to do everything you can to ensure that you choose a facility that meets your industry-specific legally required standards.

4. Reduce overtime

If you, like so many other employers, are having a hard time keeping your biggest expense (payroll) at manageable levels, then you know that overtime is one of your biggest problems. Sending employees for an assessment while on the clock is almost a guaranteed path to overtime. Not only do you have to pay for the time it takes to get tested, but you also pay for the time it takes them to get to and from the appointment by car, and the time it takes to make up the work they need. lost when they were on the date.

mobile medical company

5. Create a workplace that attracts employees

As the workforce shifts from baby boomers to millennials, driving motivators are changing as well. More than ever, employees are interested in workplaces that are as focused on keeping employees happy and healthy as they are on productivity. Employees want to know that you are as interested in them as they are in your business. 

By having mobile medical services on site to conduct health screenings, it makes it very convenient for your employees to keep track of their health. This is something many employees would be very grateful for and presents a picture of an employer who understands their motivations and is willing to help them create a workforce that is tailored to their needs. Get in touch with Hayden Health and Safety today!


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