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What to look out for in a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation can improve both your everyday life and increase the value of your property. However, the total cost can be avoided quite easily and quickly so you need to set priorities from the beginning. In other words, you have to decide where you need to spend more money and where you could save money. There is a huge difference between a general bathroom renovation and a basic bathroom renovation . After the kitchen renovation, the bathroom renovation is one of the most excellent ideas for the renewal of your space in terms of always and the amortization of your money. In general, the depreciation can be done in a few years and ranges between 60% -85% of the final amount that you will give for the  bathroom renovation As you can see, it's your budget that will set the tone for the renovation. If you do not have a large budget it would be good to focus on painting the bathroom. Light, earthy colors can make a small bathroom look bigger. If everything else is relatively ne

How to control the setting out of a flooring or tiling

We would have liked to have called this article  how to rethink a floor  , but it would certainly have been much less interesting.  If we understand how things are run, even if we don't physically build them, we can precisely direct and control them.  In this article we will see the correct way to  rethink a flooring or  tiling  on the ground The first thing to know is the recommended dimension of  joint  between tiles.  Not all flooring works with the same joint width.  This must allow the  grout to  penetrate  between pieces and the data must be provided by the manufacturer.  Keep in mind that if the execution conditions that the manufacturers dictate are not respected, we will hardly be able to claim in the event of a malfunction.  Another aspect to take into account is the distance to be respected between the screed plane and the face, necessary to allow  expansion .  The joints, depending on their flexibility, can admit some unitary expansion between tiles, but the

Find the best Roof Cleaning and Roof Restoration Companies

If you need the  cleaning or roof restoration of the ceilings  of your office, business or home, at Cronoshare we have companies that will budget you so you can compare and decide without any commitment. You can carry out a cleaning and completely  rehabilitate any type of ceiling or false ceiling  as well as all the elements that compose it. It is advisable not to paint the ceilings, but to clean and sanitize them, since otherwise you are covering the problem and in the short term you will have to restore it with the consequent extra cost for having painted first. Ceiling cleaning consists of micro-spraying the modular ceiling with resins. Cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning lights, emergency lights, detectors, exits and returns. In the services of  restoration and cleaning of false ceilings  , different cleaning and renovation techniques are combined with the various materials and brands of false ceiling plates that exist on the market. Fiber, metal, wood, plaster, vin

Trends And Innovations In Engagement Rings For Brides.

Romantic and unforgettable.  Surely this will be the  engagement rings  memory you have of that special day in which you proposed to your partner.  But ... Before that great step that you are already planning in your mind, you have to choose an important detail: the  engagement ring  . If you are a follower and / or follower of trends (yes, we also like to imagine what the ring of our dream would be), or you just need a little help to know what the model will be with get it right, take good note.  These are the  7 trends and novelties in engagement rings that are sweeping this season  according to the experts at  Diamonds  , specialized online jewelry with one of the broadest catalogs and collections in the sector. 1.  Solitaire engagement rings. It is  the most traditional model  among engagement rings.  The solitaire returns with all his influence to be in the world top of the trends in ' engagement ring ', being one of the most popular options to ask for marriage

Polishing Hardwood Best Floor Sanding, Parquet, Engineering

The main function of Polishing Wood  Floor Sanding  is to restore the surface by linear sanding and, afterwards, patter, seal and varnish to make them look like new. Wood Floor Sanding Polishing Procedure: Grinding or Linear sanding using coarse and medium sandpaper with a roller wood floor polishing machine to sand in the direction of the wood grain. Linear polishing with fine sandpaper to remove scratches from coarse and medium sandpaper, until the wood floor is completely fine and smooth to the touch. Grinding of Joints and Gaps with fine resin for wood and the tone of the floor, and then polishing with extra fine sandpaper to remove residue from the filler. Apply a coat of sealer of your choice to protect the wood and prepare it for varnishing. Apply two coats of varnish of your choice using a fine brush or compress with a matte, semi-matte or glossy finish. Wood Floors can be elegant, beautiful and cozy;  however, in our experience,  polishing wooden  Floor Sandi