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It may not seem like it but booking a hotel is an important decision, it can mark the success of your trip. Here are 8 tips for booking the perfect hotel. Make your reservation in advance Booking a hotel in advance not only serves to get it cheaper, but also to have more options when choosing. The longer you make your reservation, the more complete the hotels will be. And logically, the best are the first to run out of availability. So we recommend you not to rush and start looking for a hotel as soon as possible, especially if you plan to make a trip to a very tourist destination and in high season. Define an approximate price per night You have to specify an approximate budget per night to start discarding or selecting hotels. It all depends on the style of travel you want to do and how much you are willing to pay. We usually give importance to accommodation , but we do not seek excellence either. So we do not allocate a very high budget. What you have to be very clear

Make your company or business visible with an impactful lettering

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is why today we want to talk to you about the importance of signage in a business , a company, whatever it is and sell what it sells, as an inseparable part of the brand image and what we intend to convey with it. Hasn't the label always been, since time immemorial, the claim to attract customers to a business? We could surely go back to the Middle Ages, when the first signs or labels appeared, that merchants, artisans, etc., drew and wrote on wood or on the same wall to attract customers to their stores. Much has happened since then, but essentially, the objective was the same as it is now: to draw attention to an activity, a product ... Currently, digitization and the emergence of new ways of relating and interacting with our customers, can lead us to think that traditional formulas are out of date or are no longer so effective. And it is true that, to a large extent, an important part of the interrelation that many companies esta

How to organize an office move?

In this article we offer valuable tips to manage a successful office move , focusing on involving staff in the process to achieve an optimal result. A company transfer always has to be linked to a correct change management to ensure that the personnel adapt to the new situation, and consequently the business activity is not altered. Below we offer some tips for moving offices and companies based on the classic theories of change management, adding a few touches of our knowledge derived from the experience of more than 30 years doing removals throughout the national territory. If you are responsible for the transfer of your office, whether in a large organization with constant change or in a small company that is moving for the first time, you are interested in reading this article, you will find valuable advice to carry out a correct management of said transfer. Months before moving Once they have found the new facilities, we recommend making an initial plan of how to locate t