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Offset Printing: Get to know the advantages of this method in depth

To speak of offset printing is to refer to a reproduction system that has more than a century of history. It has its origins in lithographic principles. It was the work developed by the Englishman Robert Barclay in 1875, and the American Washington Rubel in 1903, who was in charge of laying the foundations of this efficient system. Of course, a lot of ink has flowed from those early prototypes to now. Digital technology has been incorporated and increasingly efficient machines, tools and accessories have been developed, capable of meeting the needs of customers who handle a large volume of copies and demand quality, efficiency and profitability. What is offset printing? There are several aspects capable of distinguishing the characteristics of this precious system: the sharpness of the reproduction is of professional quality; It is a system known for its efficiency, as it guarantees the creation of a considerable volume of copies in the shortest possible time, without diminishin
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The importance of the sommelier in the service of a good wine

By going to a good restaurant, any of us expects to be treated, in addition to respect, with professionalism. If in addition to like eating we like wine a lot, this aspect becomes more important. In the treatment of professionalism in wine matters, the person in charge is known as a sommelier, hired by the restaurant, who will be in charge of explaining every detail in the questions that may arise and the person in charge of advising on aspects that have to do with pairing. Who is the sommelier? Although there is popularly some confusion between the role of the sommelier and that of the winemaker, they really are very different jobs. The sommelier can be said to be that wine expert who works in restaurants or wineries facing the public, advising clients on all aspects that have to do with wine and its pairing, it could be said that it is the union between the large producers and final consumers, it is the decisive element for the consumer to take one or the other wine. In addition

Benefits of mobile medical tests

While the list of assets you present to your company's investors may not include "employees," the human element of your company is, in fact, one of your greatest strengths. Having employees who are efficient, passionate, loyal, and healthy can take your business from average to amazing in no time. For this reason, many companies are choosing to focus on the health of their employees, providing ways to promote better lifestyles and better medical options that will benefit everyone. One of these ways is the health exam. Many organizations use employee health assessment to help their employees identify potential health problems early and avoid lost work and expensive medical procedures in the future. By making these displays a part of their job and even linking them to incentive programs, employers have been able to foster a healthy environment for all employees. Mobile medical companies usually perform the following care: Laboratory tests, such as drug tests Physical