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Make your company or business visible with an impactful lettering

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is why today we want to talk to you about the importance of signage in a business, a company, whatever it is and sell what it sells, as an inseparable part of the brand image and what we intend to convey with it.

Hasn't the label always been, since time immemorial, the claim to attract customers to a business?

We could surely go back to the Middle Ages, when the first signs or labels appeared, that merchants, artisans, etc., drew and wrote on wood or on the same wall to attract customers to their stores.

vehical wrapping

Much has happened since then, but essentially, the objective was the same as it is now: to draw attention to an activity, a product ...

Currently, digitization and the emergence of new ways of relating and interacting with our customers, can lead us to think that traditional formulas are out of date or are no longer so effective. And it is true that, to a large extent, an important part of the interrelation that many companies establish today with their clients focuses on digital communication.

The traditional still works

But all that does not mean that the traditional does not continue to work, right? rather, we must integrate it and combine it with all those digital actions that have already become commonplace.

The signage is part of the communication and marketing strategy that we build around our company, it helps us to communicate the nature of the business and to consolidate the reputation of the brand, helping to reinforce it in the minds of consumers.

Being clear that the labeling is an element to which we must pay special attention, let's see the options we have:

Exterior lettering

When we talk about signage, the first thing that comes to mind, as we said before, are those outdoor signs announcing businesses, products ... that are already part of the daily landscape of any city.

The main objective of the signs on facades is informative, to give visibility to the company, for that reason it must be designed to differentiate itself from the competition, cause an impact and attract attention.

vehicle lettering

Let us not forget that the label is part of the image that the company projects to consumers, therefore it must be consistent with the name and logo, fonts and colors, slogans and graphic elements that represent the identity of the brand.

Interior lettering

It is as important as the exterior and its mission is to identify all the spaces within the company or business. There is nothing that causes a worse image for the company than having lost customers who do not know where to go. This type of signage is especially important in medium and large facilities and provides information to the user about the location of the different services offered.

It is worth having well-marked interior spaces, because, as we told you before, everything adds up when it comes to consolidating the brand image.

Labeling of the company's vehicle fleet

It goes without saying that if your company has vehicles for staff to travel to do their work, you have a golden opportunity to make a magnificent publicity for your company by labeling the vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, bicycles, scooters ...

Have you ever stopped to think how many kilometers your vehicles travel per day? Surely many, because that already tells you everything. If you have not yet labeled your vehicles, do not miss this opportunity to make yourself more visible.

car signage

Event labeling

Lastly, we wanted to draw your attention to event labeling. Fairs, workshops, congresses, seminars, etc. are professional appointments attended by countless companies with the same objective, show their products and sell. The way to differentiate yourself from others and attract attention is, without a doubt, to have stands, and elements such as photo calls, rollups ... that stand out from the rest, that clearly and attractively show what you offer.

As you can see, the signage offers you infinite possibilities to give visibility to your business, event ... At BigColour we offer you signage tailored to all your needs: Large format for interior and exterior, corporeal letters, banners, vinyl’s, roll-ups, canvases, canvases, illuminated signs, signage, milling, vehicles and boats and much more ...

Make yourself visible!


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