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How to control the setting out of a flooring or tiling

We would have liked to have called this article how to rethink a floor , but it would certainly have been much less interesting. If we understand how things are run, even if we don't physically build them, we can precisely direct and control them. In this article we will see the correct way to rethink a flooring or tiling on the ground
We would have liked to have called this article  how to rethink a floor  , but it would certainly have been much less interesting

The first thing to know is the recommended dimension of joint between tiles. Not all flooring works with the same joint width. This must allow the grout to penetrate between pieces and the data must be provided by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that if the execution conditions that the manufacturers dictate are not respected, we will hardly be able to claim in the event of a malfunction. Another aspect to take into account is the distance to be respected between the screed plane and the face, necessary to allow expansionThe joints, depending on their flexibility, can admit some unitary expansion between tiles, but the greatest expansion occurs in the set. The space between the facing must be completely free or filled with compressible material. This space will be covered by the tiling or plinth that must be attached to the facing.
We would have liked to have called this article  how to rethink a floor  , but it would certainly have been much less interesting

Once the distance between joints and the separation of the walls have been established, we will obtain the reference measurement = tile width + joint (50% on each side) and the actual distances to cover.

We will take an example and graphically stake out with tiling (closer together), although on site it would be carried out with a simple measurement. In the following sketch we have two rooms to pave plus a toilet that would be executed with a different tile.


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