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What kind of paint should I use for metal roof?

Metal roofs grown rapidly in recent years for both commercial and residential properties. Given the durability and longevity that metal roofs offer over other roofing materials, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are not opting for this material. While metal roofs don't require a lot of maintenance, if you want to paint your roof, it's important to understand a little about the proper type of paint to use.

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Choose the type of paint

When choosing the type of paint to use on a metal roof, it is important to understand that not just any type of paint is appropriate. The roof of your home or commercial property withstands a big amount of wear and tear, including ultraviolet light. As a result, it can become vulnerable to fading and rusting over time. The right type of roof paint will ensure that your roof looks beautiful for a long time.

Choosing paint for a metal roof

Metal roofs often require paint that offers a high degree of elasticity. This is because metal roofs are prone to stretching and contracting. Traditional home paints are simply not appropriate for a metal roof because they are not elastic enough. As metal roof panels stretch and contract based on thermal expansion, traditional household paint will become brittle and crack over time. Peeling usually occurs shortly thereafter. Only paints specifically designed for metal roofs should be used. If the paint does not indicate that it is suitable for metal roofing directly on the label, it is best to omit it. In addition to making sure that the paint you choose is made especially for metal roofing, it is also important to ensure that the primer and top coat are also manufactured for use on metal roofs.

A water-based acrylic paint that is elastomeric is usually the best option to use on a metal roof. In addition to preventing cracks and peeling, this type of paint is also fairly easy to clean should problems arise. It also happens to be more environmentally friendly. Oil-based paints are also available and were used frequently on historic projects, but they can be difficult to clean up in the event of an accident.

What else should I keep in mind?

In addition to considering the paint's level of resistance to peeling and cracking, you should also consider how long the paint is projected to last. A quality metal roof paint will typically last up to twelve years, provided it is applied according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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Important reasons why painting roofs can help you save money

1. Roof paint prolongs life.

The first and foremost reason to paint a roof is that it actually helps extend the life of the home or building. If you think that the paints used to paint the roof are like those commonly used to paint the walls, you are absolutely wrong. This is because; Roof paints are made of materials that help keep the wall waterproof and leak-proof. Doing this will indirectly help extend the life of the building by keeping it protected from bad weather. There are many professional roof painters in Newcastle who can do the job for you at an affordable price.

2. It will give a new look to your house / building.

The next important reasons to paint your roof regularly are that it will help keep your home or building looking brand new and fresh. If you plan to sell or rent your house or building, then it is also necessary to paint the roof because it will allow you to charge more money due to the good condition of the building. In addition to making your home look brand new and maintained, fresh paint on the roof will also add another protective layer to the home to protect it from the worst weather conditions and external pollutants. You can have any professional roof painter in Newcastle.

3. Unexpected benefits

Painting the roof of the house or building is one of those things that can bring many unexpected benefits to the people who live inside. These unexpected benefits can include better and needed sunlight absorption in the home, protection against plumbing and water leaks, better home appearance, and much more.

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If you are uncomfortable painting the roof on your property or have questions about the correct type of paint to use, feel free to contact an experienced roofing contractor. The roof of your home or commercial building comprises a significant percentage of the investment you have in your property. Selecting the right roof paint can ensure that your roof not only looks good in the future, but also stays put for a long time.


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