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Marketing and web design: Your website is the center of your strategy!

 The design and content of the website must be in tune and be the center of your company marketing strategy, I'll explain how to do it!

Your website is the lifeblood of your business, but your marketing strategy can become the heart of it. To achieve good results when investing in digital marketing, or think about how to make a website that provides results and profitability for your company , or do it through a web design and development company , it is necessary that both aspects go into tuning. Today I explain how to achieve it.

The relationship between marketing and web design is very important for a business to achieve its objectives on the Internet.

If your goal is to have a simple and creative website, that's fine, but you have to make sure that it is also functional , easy to navigate and suitable for your niche, according to the profile of your ideal buyer. That is, according to your marketing strategy that you have previously developed.

On the other hand, if you want to invest a large budget in digital marketing campaigns, that is also fine, but you must understand that the objective of these campaigns is to make people find you, access your website and become clients of your company . That is, it is your website that must be in tune with your marketing to convince your customers.

Are you getting the idea? Marketing and website go hand in hand ! One thing is related to the other! I would say one depends on the other and vice versa, so if one fails, the other will too.

Web design for brand image (branding)

What is a brand image? How to do it? Branding or Marketing ? Which one to choose and it works best? I like to ask my clients this because most think of their brand as the logo and the colors that represent it, but the brand image goes much further.

The identity of your brand must be clearly reflected in the Website Design of your website, so you have to know how to show it.

When choosing the elements of your web design, especially those that are interactive, be clear that the identity of your brand, your marketing, must be reflected in the web design you choose, so you must know how to display each element. Your website must be in tune with what your brand represents and be an ideal place to generate trust in your customers.

An aesthetically attractive website will do you no good if its loading speed is not optimized, it is a disaster when it comes to browsing and the conversion funnel is not understood. Hire a web designer who understands the essence of your brand and is committed to expanding it on all pages of your website. A correct brand image will be the starting point for an effective digital marketing strategy .

Impact with user experience

User experience is another fundamental aspect to make marketing work; Google and other search engines are working hard so that website design prioritizes the web user experience  and that is where web design has to work its magic.

Search engines will misclassify a website whose bounce rate is high, as it means that the user enters, does not get what they expects, and leaves immediately. A high bounce rate is bad publicity for your business in search engines.

What I am trying to explain to you is that the entire design of your website must be well thought out so that the user feels comfortable, finds what they are looking for and can navigate the page quickly, easily and safely.

Web design and SEO marketing, not everything is the content!

I hope you are not one of those who believe that SEO Marketing is an isolated aspect of web design. As with marketing, SEO has a lot to do with the design of your website , since the techniques that will be used for optimization depend on this.

Google is increasingly demanding on the issue of SEO optimization and has its algorithms on the witch hunt to discover which web pages have slow loading speeds, something closely related to web design, duplicate content or thin content , also very related to the design and programming of the web.

It is always said that content is king, and although this is true, you also have to combine web design with SEO strategies and quality content. Yes, it is a formula of three dependent variables, one on the other.

The ability to index pages in search engines is another aspect of SEO that is closely related to the functionality of the web design you have for your business.

If this does not happen, you have to start reviewing the elements of web design and redesign it in favor of SEO and digital marketing.


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