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Currently, home automation is possible thanks to technological advances such as home automation , which aims to make your life easier, improving your safety and comfort. But do you know what elements can be automated at home? How does home automation work and what are its main advantages? We tell you everything in this article. Are you ready? We started!

What is automation?

The automation refers to the set of systems and processes in which no human is involved, but everything is held by a set of technological elements, although automation requires supervision by humans.

The origins of automation can be traced back to prehistoric times, although the earliest example of real automation was the Jacquard Loom in the 18th century, which used punched cards in order to automate the weaving process.

Today, robotics and computing have greatly improved the scope of automation.

Advantages of automation

Automation, in general, has many advantages, including:
  • Time and cost savings
  • Production improvement
  • Development of dangerous tasks by machines and not by workers and, therefore, improvement of employee safety
  • High quality levels
  • Competitive advantage

How does home automation work?

Home access control refers to the automatic control of the functions of household items and appliances. It allows to control from windows, lighting or surveillance systems; to air conditioning, energy or irrigation systems.

Home automation systems are made up of interfaces that integrate electrical equipment with each other; allowing you to control all household activities at the touch of a button from any location.

Main elements of home automation


They are devices or physical elements that transmit a signal to the measurement or control system when there is a change in some parameter. They monitor the environment and send information to the control center. These devices for home automation are what allow us to know if the house is well heated, if there is a possible fire or if someone has entered the house.

The sensors can be of several types: twilight sensor, presence sensor, magnetic sensor, smoke sensor or flood sensor.


They are the units that store and process the information that the sensors collect. They receive the information from the sensors, process it and generate orders to the actuators, which are the third element of the home automation system.


They are devices that, as we have mentioned before, perform the action requested by the home automation controller on a specific element of the home: doors, air conditioning, irrigation system ...

Actuators can be of several types: hydraulic, electric and pneumatic.

What can be automated at home?

According to experts, any electrical device that can be turned on, off, raised or lowered, can be automated. Blinds, awnings, air conditioning systems, alarm systems, lighting systems, irrigation devices, security cameras ...

The user can control the Home automation of these devices through screens, switches, telephones or any remote control device.

Among the most common elements for home automation include:

Home automation lighting systems

With the home automation lighting system , the lights in your home can be turned on or off automatically, regulate the intensity of the lights and create optimal environments to suit the user.

These systems have numerous advantages:
  • Save money and energy efficiently
  • Customize your home lighting according to the moment
  • We can do without the switches and turn off all the lights with a single click
  • Check if we have left any lights on
  • Turn off the lights remotely if we have left them on
Automation of blinds, awnings and blinds

Home automation for blinds , awnings or blinds, allows us to control these elements with a single click, or to program them to go up or down in the desired way or automatically, depending on the weather station or the climate.

In this way, we can control our blinds or awnings from anywhere in the world with our mobile phone and a simple internet connection.


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