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Is buying diamond a safe investment?

 We are going to inform you about choosing and buying diamonds and at the same time, the benefits involved in buying diamond as an investment will be discussed.

It is important to note that when we refer to owning a diamond as a form of investment, it does not mean that it is immediately profitable, but you are diversifying part of your wealth into a safe asset.

A diamond is considered active insurance for the following reasons:

  • Carry the diamonds and duty free: Diamonds investment can condense a large amount of wealth into a small object, which can be easily transported from one place to another. Investors can enjoy not having to pay capital gains tax or taxes when they own the diamonds. So investing in diamonds becomes a channel of wealth accumulation, and it is becoming more and more popular today.
  • Security during recession and institutions decline in times of inflation, when there is a rise in the prices of other goods, diamond, along with other intrinsic goods, such as gold and oil, are even more valuable. Thus, it makes the diamond shield against inflation. While stocks and bonds are subject to political risk, liquidity risk, and market fluctuations, diamonds are not directly tied to the stock and equity markets.
  • Diamond prices rise during inflation, and maintain their value during deflation.
  • Universal Price: Unlike the cost of other goods, whose prices fluctuate according to the market, diamonds are indirectly controlled by a single price, a report that establishes the average weekly market prices for each type of diamond. As a result, diamond prices are often standard across all continents, and the value of diamonds is unified throughout the world. Investors do not have to suffer price differences when they want to liquidate their diamonds.
  • The owners of the diamonds are anonymous there is no record of who owns the diamond.
  • Diamonds do not expire, and do not require maintenance.
  • Testimony of an inheritance; Diamonds can be easily passed down from one generation to the next.
  • Universal currency and method of payment: Although diamonds are not used as a means of payment in commercial transactions, their value is not refutable worldwide. Diamond owners can liquidate their property in any country, meeting a jeweler during the trip.

How to buy a diamond?

Before buying a Pink diamond, ask a gemologist about the quality and certification of the stones. It is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Quality of the stones
  • The fair market price
  • Wide range of parts offered for you to make comparisons
  • High Level of Customer Service in the secondary market
  • The certification requirements for your diamond
  • Prefer certified gemologists associated with international institutes of gemology, such as HRD Antwerp in Belgium, the GIA Gemological Institute of America Company of the United States and / or Italy Gemological Institute.

Look for a trusted Jeweler, who is an expert in diamonds, he should be able to guide you, with all the information you ask about buying gemstones. In fact, he is the ideal person to help you choose the diamond you want. He should give you all the necessary explanations about the values ​​of the stones and the price differences.

Diamonds are the first stone that comes to mind when thinking about what to give. Someone special and no engagement ring or tennis bracelet would be complete without these beautiful stones. Rare, vibrant and seemingly on fire: diamonds are the most precious stone in the world.

However, when it comes to investing in diamonds, many investors simply don't know where or how to start. Today we want to give you an idea of ​​what the diamond markets are doing, how diamonds are perceived as a stable store of value. and why you should consider owning diamonds in your investment portfolio.

Solving the liquidity problem

On the other side of the coin, it remains to be seen what the end of the holiday season will bring to Pink diamond sales. Liquidity generally stabilizes to normal models after the gift rush ends, but this brings us back to the long-standing question of the diamond markets.

However, solutions to the liquidity problem are difficult to find due to the natural barrier to entry that is the high price of investment diamonds. Sellers of loose diamonds only c    are about price, but buyers need to consider not only being able to buy the diamond for the right price, but also determining how profitable it could be and who could buy it.

This means that the most common diamond buyers will be the jewelers who will use the gemstones to create their works of art. They then make jewelry from the diamonds and sell the resulting products to their customers.


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