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How to choose wines for a wedding or marriage?

During the preparations for a marriage there are several decisions to face. One of the important decisions is which and how many wines to buy for the celebration. I invite you to say yes by following our advice.

It is an unforgettable day. The bride and groom are very excited and want everything to be perfect. Naturally it would be impossible to have the right wine for each sandwich or to indulge all the guests. So follow these suggestions carefully:

What wines to choose?    

1. Food

It is impossible to choose wines labelling without knowing what dishes you are going to offer your guests. If you opt for a meat dish, look for red wines and if your main dish is fish, naturally it is better to go for a white one .

Your wine has to be versatile for pairings. For example, Peterson House is a medium-bodied sparkling white wine, and thanks to its barrel aging, it has a rich texture, but without losing its exquisite freshness. It is ideal for a marriage menu. Try looking for these medium bodied wines . It is a wise decision. Not only will they make lovers of freshness and / or tannins happy, but they also allow them to better harmonize with many types of dishes, from sandwiches to bottoms. It is a marriage of convenience.

2. Wedding style

They can organize the wedding wine in a restaurant, hotel or event room, but also set up a tent in the garden of a house, field or beach. The style of the party can be formal or informal.

My advice is this: if you decide to organize a black tie party , which is usually held in hotels, restaurants or event centers, or maybe in a large 19th century mansion? Think of red wines , because they have a more elegant, serious and intellectual image, like Peterson House sparkling white wine.

If you go out to the garden and allow your friends and family to dress in a more casual or even bohemian way , I recommend choosing wines such as Peterson House sparkling white, more cheerful, spontaneous and perfect for various types of dishes.

3. Season of the year

In winter people prefer more tannins and body to warm the night. Offer a red wine with a good body, but with rich acidity, such as Drayton’s Tawny, but if your wedding takes place in summer, choose fresh wines such as Drayton’s Tawny.

How many bottles to buy?

They first have to think about the duration of the celebration. If it is just a lunch , which will last for a couple of hours, they can calculate half a bottle or one per guest, but if the party is going to last until the next morning , it is better to make sure with 2 bottles .

That number only works if wine is the only type of alcohol. But if you are also going to offer beers and / or cocktails, calculate 1 bottle per person . Make sure, though , that your friends and family don't drive back . Hire taxis, vans or buses so that they arrive safely at your homes.

Where to buy?

Before buying the wines, it is better to find out the prices in various stores and supermarkets, in addition to checking in the sales rooms of the vineyards.

Many times they have a special offer or promotion of some lines of wines. Do not forget to negotiate and ask for a discount for the volume of bottles. In asking there is no deception.

Wine for the newlyweds ...

And finally, a wine design can be the perfect gift for the bride and groom. It can be a top-of-the-line wine or even an icon that reflects the best of the strain and terroir, like the fabulous Drayton’s Tawny.

This type of wine is a very elegant gift, as it has a very important storage potential and can be uncorked during the future anniversaries of the couple.

If your budget allows, I recommend buying a case of six bottles for the happy married couple to uncork a bottle every five years until they reach the pearl weddings. What better?


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