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Electrical Services Safety Checks

electrical services
Electricity is a physical event. Electrical Services occurs when a large number of electrons accumulate in one place or move from one place to another. The action here is the electronics that is negatively charged. When electric current is referred to, it is understood that electricity moves between two points with a difference in electrical capacity. This movement is towards the point where the electrons are lower than the point where they are larger. Electrical voltage is the potential difference between two points with electrical conductivity or between a conductor and a ground.

Essentially, the word electron is derived from the word electron. The electron means amber in Latin.

The electric current is an Electrical Services current from the positive end to the negative end of the source. The flow of the electron from the negative end to the positive end of the source.

Major electrical hazards in workplaces and residences include: bare conductors, insulation cracks, equipment cracks and failures, static electricity, overheating and overheating, and electricity and fire and explosions. Electrical Services safety of life is the most important issue here. When any electrical fault occurs, the electric current looks for a way to return to earth. Currently, the man exposed to electric current acts as a conductor. The movement of electric current through the human body is a major danger. The magnitude of this risk depends on the following factors: voltage, electrical strength of the body, value and frequency of the current, duration of the current, the path the current follows in the current. body, and the age of the person.

The total face of the human body is 2500 ohms. Current is considered harmless to humans as 20 mA. Accordingly, an electrical communication voltage of 50 volts is considered to be the minimum value for humans. At very high frequency currents, body strength increases and the level of risk decreases.

Inspection Electrical Services performed by authorized inspection bodies include electrical safety testing. In this context, our company provides the following services with a strong technological infrastructure and staff:


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