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This way you make business accounts simple

Ask an entrepreneur about his company and he will enthusiastically tell you what he does and what his plans are. Ask him about his business accounts and he falls silent and says he has an accountant for that. Strange actually, as an entrepreneur you want to know how your company is doing?

By leaving the financial part to someone else, you will always see old data. So you cannot respond quickly and therefore have less control over your company. Research shows that entrepreneurs who went bankrupt often did not have a good insight into the financial situation of their company. So make sure you do! In addition, outsourcing your accounting also costs you a lot of money. And that while doing your own administration is actually quite simple.
Ask an entrepreneur about his company and he will enthusiastically tell you what he does and what his plans are

Doing your administration yourself therefore yields a lot:

  • You have control over your business.
  • You save money.
  • And you save time.

A hired accountant only occasionally works on your administration. You will therefore have to provide him or her with all the information to be able to do your business accounts. And actually you have already done your administration yourself.

By observing the simple rules below, you make accounting simple.

1. Separate business and private life

This is where perhaps the greatest gains can be made in simplifying your accounting. Open a business account for your company and only use it for business payments. When you transfer money from business to private, do so with a monthly bank transfer and not via the Blokker ATM. This way you keep your business administration organized. An accounting program must process all transactions from a bank account. If only business debits are stated here, you do not have to make entries for private expenses.

2. Pay through the bank

A bank statement is the best help in keeping your administration complete. By making all business payments by pin or bank, you automatically get an overview of the revenues and costs that you have to book. And so you can easily do your business accounts. Cash payments are difficult to automate. Credit card payments cannot be processed automatically either. Most services, such as Google Adwords, can also be paid by direct debit.

3. Keep all receipts together

A lot of time in doing the administration is wasted searching for the invoices and receipts with the bank statements. It takes a little bit of discipline, but make sure that you immediately store all the invoices and receipts you receive together.

4. Don't bury your head in the sand

You can always move everything to the end of your VAT period, but it doesn't make the work any less. Usually even more, because you no longer know why you have incurred expenses and search endlessly for the receipts.
Ask an entrepreneur about his company and he will enthusiastically tell you what he does and what his plans are

How does accounting program Jortt help you?

A Jortt employee spends an average of 7 minutes a week on the accounting . In those 7 minutes, the entire accounting has been updated again. You know exactly how you are doing and you can therefore take action quickly. Overview creates space in your head and therefore for your company. And of course it also sleeps a lot better! How come? You work in Jortt from your bank transactions. And that makes a world of difference. Because not every entrepreneur can keep accounts, but every entrepreneur can explain what happened in the bank account.

You do your business accounts by stating why you received money or what you spent it on. Jortt keeps track of how much VAT (sales tax) you have to pay or get back and makes annual accounts for you at the end of the year at the touch of a button . With your annual accounts you can easily file your tax return yourself.

By working from your bank transactions, Jortt can also automate your accounting , so that you have to do even less yourself. Once you have booked something, Jortt will do it automatically for you from now on. And making mistakes is almost impossible. Jortt ensures that almost all mistakes you can make are prevented.


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