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Making Wine labels: Trends in Design and Printing Technology

Good wine label design is hugely important to sales success. In the store, when buying a bottle of wine, it takes just 3 seconds to grab the buyer's attention from dozens, perhaps hundreds of different wine brands. And this offer continues to increase.

Research shows that 80% of wine purchases in the supermarket are made by women. And the fact remains that women are greatly influenced by beautiful designs, including a beautiful wine label. Other studies show that 90% of wine bottle buying decisions are made on the shelf. So it seems that a lot of people choose based on the (design of the) wine label and much less based on the wine itself.

Wine label design

Many market-oriented wine traders and brands design their wine label in a very targeted manner. For example, they respond to the demographic characteristics of their target groups.For example, the so-called 'millennium' generation (under 35 years old) loves 'fun', energy and striking colors. This results in wine label designs with bright colors, striking shapes and images or large, striking fonts.

In addition to the various trends in the design of the wine label, we also see trends in the design of the wine bottle itself, or adding extra elements to the wine bottle. Printing on the bottle is a good example of this. Moreover, we are also increasingly seeing the use of 'separate' labels around the neck of the bottle.

Wine label: digital printing

Another important trend is the evolution of digital wine label printing. These professional digital printed full color wine labels now account for about 50% of all wine labels. We have written about the benefits of digital printing before and it is clear that this technique has enormous advantages for wineries with one or more smaller production runs or for wine brands that want to adjust the wine labels more often from a strategic point of view.

Clearly, digital wine label printing offers the label designer unlimited flexibility for intricate graphics, colors and shapes (die-cutting!). Moreover, there is a huge choice of materials. It is therefore also expected that more and more wineries and brands will switch to digital printing of their wine labels.


When designing wine label, it remains important to start from the business strategy and corporate identity. The last element, in particular, remains important for consumer recognition of the brand. How does your wine label stand out on the wine shelf? We are happy to print eye-catching wine labels with our digital inkjet printer for you. Top quality and fast delivery.


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