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Offset Printing: Get to know the advantages of this method in depth

To speak of offset printing is to refer to a reproduction system that has more than a century of history. It has its origins in lithographic principles. It was the work developed by the Englishman Robert Barclay in 1875, and the American Washington Rubel in 1903, who was in charge of laying the foundations of this efficient system.

Of course, a lot of ink has flowed from those early prototypes to now. Digital technology has been incorporated and increasingly efficient machines, tools and accessories have been developed, capable of meeting the needs of customers who handle a large volume of copies and demand quality, efficiency and profitability.

offset printing

What is offset printing?

There are several aspects capable of distinguishing the characteristics of this precious system: the sharpness of the reproduction is of professional quality; It is a system known for its efficiency, as it guarantees the creation of a considerable volume of copies in the shortest possible time, without diminishing excellence; and it is versatile, adapting to multiple formats and substrates.

The offset method in printing is characterized by the use of the indirect system, in which the plate has no contact with the substrate. Quite the contrary, the cylinder covered with the aluminum or plastic plate (it is possible to develop matrices in these materials), transfers the ink to a rubber roller, which, finally and with the help of the pressure roller, prints the image. on the paper.

The qualities of rubber are ideal in the process, as its flexibility and consistency allow full contact with the substrate, thus guaranteeing an unsurpassed finish, even on porous and irregular materials.

The decomposition of the piece in offset printing presses

Offset work in digital printing requires professionalism and thoroughness. The system works with the division of pigments, for which there are four color plates: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, or what is the same: CMYK.

In the development of digital arts, the separation of colors is fundamental, since each of them must be treated through a technical process that involves the use of inks and chemical agents that repel these oleaginous substances, thus avoiding their reproduction in unwanted areas.

offset printing in Australia

Each plate must be properly aligned, also respecting the angle of the weft that corresponds to each one, as only then is it possible to avoid the appearance of the unpleasant moiré effect.

The superposition of tones from the initial process is what gives rise to the entire color range of the multicolor offset. It is also possible to add metallized pigments or with fluorescent effects. They are not generated from the initial base of inks; they are simply added as a fifth or sixth color. They are obtained through pantones and are often called "spot color" in printing terms.

Technical aspects of the file for digital offset

Customers who have the advice of a graphic arts expert or a professional familiar with the operation of printing systems can be sure that their digital arts will have all the essential features to ensure optimal reproduction. In addition, the means for the preparation of this material have been considerably simplified over the years.

However, those clients who have doubts regarding the material to be printed for reproduction should pay special attention to the company to which they entrust their work. At Jennings Print Group we have a team of professionals capable of appropriately advising users to bring their printing projects to fruition.

We optimize digital art to provide it with all the necessary characteristics for the correct elaboration of the plates, the ideal superposition of the pigment layers and thus guarantee the desired professional finish.

offset printing services

The advantages of choosing offset printing

Clients who have an ambitious printing project and who aspire to obtain the best results should definitely consider this indirect reproduction system. It is one of the alternatives with the best price-quality ratio in the current market.

Each sheet lasts longer, unlike the useful life of lithographic plates, thanks to the indirect reproduction method. The production of the master plates is carried out in a short time, thus allowing to provide customers with shorter delivery periods, avoiding an exaggerated delay in the reproduction of their copies.

In the reproduction of catalogs, printed media or any type of corporate format in which high resolution images and meticulous details are used, the results to be obtained in the offset system definitely make the difference.

Creativity is not limited with this service, as its printing method ensures excellent finishes, not only on cellulosic substrates, but also on a wide variety of materials. Higher volume runs tend to have the best cost ratio, so it will not be an impediment to customers' budget, ordering large runs and covering all their promotional and distribution needs with them.

offset printing Newcastle

The future of offset for printing solutions

Currently the development of digital printing has allowed the creation of tools designed to approximate the benefits of the offset system, with more than acceptable results. However, even this method of reproduction has very good acceptance, also adapting to technological demands.

It is difficult to permanently replace a system capable of demonstrating its effectiveness and profitability for years. Companies that provide professional-scale printing solutions, such as Jennings Print Group, have managed to combine the benefits of the latest generation printing mechanisms quite well, to expand their service catalog in terms of solutions that adapt to the needs of small or large customers.

You can consult with our printing specialists. They will not only advise you on the technical development of your project, they will also offer you graphic solutions adapted to your budget and the volume of printing required. Entrust your material to us and you will see our excellence.


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