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What outdoor wood should I use for my deck?

When we want take advantage of an outdoor space of Terrace Timber Frames we must think about the type of soil, since that surface will mark the activities and the use that we can give the place. Alternatives of floors for the exterior there are many, but one that undoubtedly gives a natural and harmonious appearance with the environment is the wooden deck , a very stable and durable plank floor that looks great in small patios, terraces or as areas transit in the garden. The one we will build in this project measures 3 x 2.70 meters.

The woods are perfect for outdoor environments: they give terraces a rustic and warm air that is most welcoming. You can take advantage of the wood from your outdoor room to give it an aged tint and achieve an even more country feeling although, if you opt for woods without 'effects', you will also have to take into account this series of references to know what type of material will suit better to inclement weather.

Teak wood

It is the great favorite for its toughness and Timber Frames Newcastle its resistance to outdoor environments. This material withstands both cold and heat very well and only needs cleaning with a damp cloth for maintenance. From time to time, to preserve its color, it is recommended to give it a bath in teak oil. The downside is its price, although if you are going to use the terrace a lot it will be worth investing in it. The color of the teak creates a very attractive environment in contrast to the green of plants and trees.

Bamboo wood

In addition to the fact that bamboo is one of the most resistant woods , by including it in your terrace you can boast of having chosen a sustainable material. Bamboo is a plant - not a tree - allowing it to recover quickly and easily after being cut. Its stability means that it does not contract or expand with changes in temperature, it hardly absorbs moisture and it supports heat well.

Green pine wood

If you have a tighter budget , you may be able to opt for this type of material. With a good anti-fungal and anti-humidity treatment, this wood withstands its installation outdoors well, but you must carry out a specific treatment to protect it against severe aggressions.

Tropical woods

This type of wood grows in environments where very high humidity, torrential rains and suffocating heat are registered. That is why they are prepared to withstand the elements outside and are ideal for terraces. One of the most used is that of ipe, which, although not particularly cheap, only requires varnishing with special oil twice a year.

Why put wooden floors on your terrace?

Have you ever thought about putting wooden flooring on your terrace? Do you think you are not going to get enough out of it? If we have seen something in recent months, it is that terraces have become an even more precious asset than they used to be, and that conditioning them is a necessity. In this post we explain all the arguments for you to go up one more level in the comfort of your home and improve your quality of life. Know at a glance what are the formats, materials and possibilities that exist to install, once and for all, an elegant wooden floor on your terrace.

"What if I postpone it for the winter?" No. Summer has already arrived (and then another season will come in which you will also enjoy it) but both in summer and in winter, with Frames and Trusses Newcastle more heat or colder, wooden floors will always give you more advantages than disadvantages. Just for its insulating capacity, which allows the room to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, it is worth it. Also, if you start to install it now for the winter you will have it ready. Keep in mind in less than a week you will be enjoying it.

Imagine all the summer rituals while your feet rest on a tropical wooden floor: coming home and taking off your shoes, having breakfast in your pajamas on your terrace while you breathe in the morning breeze, organizing an evening dinner or an evening with friends, having a little sun ... But there are many other advantages that we are going to tell you below.

Advantages of putting a wooden floor on the terrace

When you think of wooden floors, you quickly associate it with a high price. As we always say, you have to value this investment in its proper measure and take into account many other factors that make the installation of the wooden floor the right decision.


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