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Today they asked me what exercise physiology was and what an exercise physiologist was doing. Having studied physiology both in the Australia and United States, the truth is that in Australia we have taken the learning of the leading North Australia exercise physiologists a short time ago, creating a body of teaching-learning in this exciting and relatively recent subject.

Well, if physiology in general is responsible for studying the functioning of the different organs and systems of the human body, their composition and relationships, exercise physiology studies the different responses and adaptations that occur in the body as a result of physical exercise.

Hence, it is so important to know what happens to our body when we submit it to different efforts that allow us to assess that response or adaptation to it both from the point of view of sports performance and in the field of improving people's health.

Is it necessary to have knowledge of exercise physiology to be a sports professional?

It is not possible to develop a true career in the sports world without having knowledge of exercise physiology . Moreover, the more that knowledge is expanded, the higher quality it has, the more it can be applied throughout the sports career, the more qualified the sports professional will be.

And qualification is the true gold standard in sports, those who take their training seriously know it.

The physiology of exercise is the science that deals with studying the effects of sport on the body , around the body and the functions of their mechanical, physical and biochemical systems and puts them in relation to its surroundings physical or practical activity sports.

Why is exercise physiology so important in sports training?

Because it is the key that allows, from the knowledge of the athlete's physical state in relation to physical activity, to access the way to optimize their performance. How? Developing physiological adaptations.

It is very important to note that these adaptations allow to attend all kinds of sports activities, both professional ones, intensely connected with sports performance, such as those for sports fans or those that are carried out to improve an injury or a structural physical problem.

We already have the theory, let's move on to the practice that awaits us in the field of curiosity in which, how could it be otherwise, the questions are triggered: How does exercise physiology work? How does it apply? What factors are involved? Are there established patterns?

The physiology of exercise works by maintaining a constant balance between the body and sports activity, as an energy catalyst attentive, both to energy investment reserves, as well as to energy expenditure and the state of the organic systems directly and indirectly involved in exercise. action.

It is responsible for offering individualized responses so that each body can adapt, optimizing results, to the effort of a sporting activity.

To know it is to understand its simplicity and complexity, but, above all, the value of its usefulness in any type of sporting activity and, consequently, in the training of future sports professionals.

In order to put into practice the knowledge of exercise physiology, it is necessary to receive adequate training that helps to understand the functioning of the human body in its different stages of development and the difference that normal organic functioning means for the organism in contrast to that of a human body. organism subjected to intense specific sports work.

Having knowledge of the exercise physiology newcastle gives the professional in training the possibility of understanding the body's response to the stimuli caused by the practice of sport, making the necessary internal adaptations and doing so in each particular case.

And from that point, we slide into the field of specialization, because exercise physiology is not a generic subject, it cannot be applied interchangeably.

To begin with, it is necessary to know the characteristics of each subject, the reactions that physical exertion generates in their body and the response they emit; It is necessary to know your physical form and the diet you are doing because the body will go from executing daily tasks to carrying out a planned physical activity that will indicate the adjustments that have to be carried out in order to achieve the objectives.

In order to apply knowledge, it must be received, retained and updated, it is a universal truth and in this specific case, unbeatable. Laying the physiological and scientific bases that support adaptations to training, nutrition and sports competition, are the three pillars on which to build a good training in exercise physiology.

Regarding the specific question about the existence or not of established response patterns, the recommendation is cautious. As with any subject related to sports practice, exercise physiology also offers applicable tools in different fields of sports practice and training, but they are just that, tools, not absolute models.

We are not talking about stereotypes when we offer data on the generic response of an organism to an exercise aimed at stimulating, for example, muscle hypertrophy.


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