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What is the best system for hot water in your home?

Having Hot water System to shower, wash, cook or wash dishes is essential to ensure comfort in the home. It is also important to control household spending, since hot water accounts for around 20% of the energy we consume in our homes.

For this reason, at Junkers we are committed to developing systems for hot water that meet the demands of all types of users in terms of efficiency and comfort.

Currently, and thanks to technological development, the equipment has automatic regulation elements to control the water temperature degree by degree and guarantee its distribution precisely. The evolution of insulation systems, in equipment that stores hot water, has also allowed us to develop systems with a higher level of efficiency, and thanks to the integration of alternative energies, we can obtain hot water for the home causing less environmental impact. and contributing to energy savings.

Hot water production equipment

Equipment to produce instant hot water

Instantaneous hot water production equipment heats the water immediately , that is, when we demand it. The most common are thermostatic gas heaters.

Equipment to produce hot water by accumulation

These equipments have a "tank" or reservoir where the hot water is stored and heated by an electrical resistance. They allow a greater production of hot water and require a recovery time.

What equipment for hot water is better?

Choosing the best equipment for Gas Hot Water depends on the type of home, its characteristics and the users' hot water consumption habits . Here are the main differences between instant and stack teams:

Power or capacity?

The instant computers must have enough power to heat the entire flow your housing needs. This depends on the water consumption points: the more taps (sink, kitchen, shower, etc.) the more power the equipment will need. In accumulation equipment, the fundamental thing is the capacity of the tank . For example, in families with more members or with consumption habits that require more liters of hot water on a specific basis, the ideal is to opt for large capacity thermos (150-200 liters) and reduced recovery time.

How does it affect the water flow?

In instantaneous hot water production equipment the flow rate may vary when more than one tap is opened. In accumulation equipment, the hot water flow does not decrease, even if we open several taps at the same time, as long as there is hot water in the tank.

Can space limit my choice?

One of the most relevant aspects when considering an accumulation equipment is that we need enough space to place it . Instantaneous equipment takes up less space but also has to take into account gas, water and evacuation connections.

Recommended hot water systems

Are you looking for the best equipment to produce hot water for your home ? These are our suggestions as experts:

Electric water heaters

Electric water heaters are hot water production equipment recommended for temperate climates, second homes and areas where gas availability is a determining factor. Its main advantage is its ease of installation and low maintenance .

Junkers' new range of Elacell electric water heaters has been manufactured with high standards of quality and efficiency, and has highly durable designs and materials such as the vitrified steel tank. Thanks to their capacities (from 10 to 500 liters) they adapt to all kinds of needs.


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