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Tips for selling your property

The sale of your property will depend on multiple factors, although, in our opinion, the most important are the following:

  • A good price, appropriate to the value of your property and current market conditions.
  • That your home pleases and falls in love, which, to a certain extent, may depend on you and does not have to mean an excessive outlay of money.
  • Help yourself in the sale of a professional real estate agent or agency.

real estate agent

How do I know which is the most suitable sale value for my property?

That the sale price is adjusted to the reality of the current real estate market is, without a doubt, the most determining factor when selling your property and that will most influence the time it takes to sell it. The main variables that will intervene when determining the value of your property are the following:

  1. The size of the property: land area and built meters of the property.
  2. The location of the property and the level of services and urbanization available.
  3. Age and state of conservation.
  4. Constructive qualities and equipment both in the home and outdoors (garden, swimming pool, walls, etc.).
  5. Market situation and analysis of the supply of similar properties for sale.

It is very important to establish a sale price for your property that is suitable for both you and the buyer, based on the current conditions of the local real estate market and trying that the fixed price is not the cause of a possible delay in the sale of the property. You should consider your personal circumstances and freely decide the minimum sale price that you are willing to accept.

"The first impression is what counts"

You must be able to put yourself in the position of a potential buyer and see the property through their eyes. Fixing those things that are damaged or defective and having the house clean and tidy, are minimum aspects that you should consider if you decide to sell your property.
Make a thorough, complete and general cleaning, so that afterwards you only have to carry out maintenance on it, and assess the convenience of maintaining the painting and, if applicable, the garden, so that they are in conditions and do not cause a bad image to the property.

"Less is more"

Order and store all those unnecessary objects of the property, discard old or broken furniture, think that it is important that it looks like a spacious house, which helps the fact that it is not saturated with furniture and that these are well located and in harmony with space. Clear and remove everything you do not need, when you do the house will seem more spacious.

If you are moving, try that the packing boxes do not disturb or cause a bad image to interfere with the visit. A house that is light, airy and, for example, with flowers or small decorative details, is always more welcoming, gives a feeling of clarity and vitality.

Try to make the image conveyed by the home as neutral as possible, without elements that can lead to controversy, displease or disturb potential buyers. Do everything in your power to make a pleasant impression on visitors to your property, keep in mind that the first impression made on the buyer is decisive.

Try to make those necessary repairs that are not very expensive such as: windows, locksmith, electricity. Bathrooms and kitchen are key units that should make a good impression and are clean.

Choose a professional real estate agent to sell your property

real estate agent

The help of a professional real estate agent or agency, with the ability to bring your property to the largest possible number of potential buyers, will facilitate the sale of it. The real estate agent or agency will allow you to multiply the sale options with a greater diffusion and publicity of your property.

Most of the property sales on the Costa Blanca that are made, go to foreign hands. For a potential buyer, of foreign origin, to carry out the purchase of your property, he needs to trust the seller and have the peace of mind that the acquisition he intends to make is carried out without risk. A professional real estate agent or agency will know how to advise and offer guarantees and confidence to clients.

To make the right choice of the real estate agent to whom you entrust the sale of your property, it is important that they be a professional with proven experience and knowledgeable about the local market in the area where the property you want to sell is located.

The real estate agent has the ability to bring his property to potential buyers, both in the national and international markets, and his ability to convey confidence, communicate, inform and solve all doubts and questions that a potential buyer may raise, from all Aspects that affect your property (services, urban planning, maintenance, reform, construction, rental, etc.), will be of great help for the sale of your property.


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