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Tips for choosing a good accommodation on your trips

One of the most important tasks in our trips is the choice of accommodation. Within a trip if you do not share expenses or do coach surfing, the expenses for accommodation can be up to a third of the total of your travel budget.

What will your space or refuge be like wherever you travel? It is important to choose well, or as they say the best option you find under the "3 Bs", good, nice and cheap.

Choosing an accommodations according to our personal tastes, preferences and / or needs is a task that requires a little effort, for this we would have to ask ourselves what use we plan to give the accommodation and what comforts we want.

Most of the accommodations are classified into several categories depending on their characteristics and the quality of the facilities and services they offer.


Classification of hotels and pensions

Apart from the stars, keys or classification of the accommodation, there are other factors such as: treatment of staff, cleanliness, comfortable or accessible facilities, location and environment of the same, among other criteria to take into account when choosing.

There are multiple hotel reservation platforms that also include survey results and user opinions where users rate their experiences with criteria such as: cleanliness, comfort, location, services, staff and value for money. User profiles such as families with children, older or young couples, groups or single travelers are usually included. You have more arguments when choosing the accommodation that best suits you and your needs.

We can divide the categories of accommodation into two types, hotels and hostels (or pensions).
The hotels are classified by stars and the greater the number, the greater the services they provide to customers. They are usually identified on their facades -or entrances- according to the category. There can be of several types:

  • Hotels, establishments for accommodation with services according to their category. As the star rises, the quality, the comfort, the number of services to be offered and the facilities made available to the client must increase. Also the prices go up according to the category.
  • Motels, Its main use is a hotel for a break on the road, but it is also used within cities, in towns or spaces that allow privacy, tranquility and even discretion for the user.
  • Apartel - these are classified by keys. It is a type of apartment building that is operated with a reservation system in the same way as a hotel. It's like renting an apartment, guests can go out whenever they want and some have the option of being able to cook in the apartment or live a homelier life, which can be a considerable travel savings.

The hostels or pensions are where you find accommodations to travelers who do not mind having so many amenities. The service that a hostel offers a bedroom where you can share it or not, like the bathroom. You can have areas of common use with the rest of the guests such as: kitchen and living room. All very basic, just for the night.

Rural accommodation

In recent years, rural accommodation has proliferated. They are usually found in rural locations or outside the urban area. They are usually old rehabilitated houses, old cattle or animal houses, stables, barns, etc; they are almost always run by their owners. The treatment is more personalized and the environment, unbeatable.

Another variant of rural or urban tourism is the Bed and Breakfast (B&B) that offer "bed and breakfast" for a more or less economic rate. It is a simple type of accommodation in terms of its size and comforts, which is in a building or house equipped to be transformed into a lodging. It is a concept somewhat similar to hostels but with more comforts.


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