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Is Pink Diamond A Good Investment?

The sale of a stunning 18-carat pink diamond that almost fetched $ 50 million at Christie's Geneva auction made headlines in the week . during a bid of just five minutes, it became the foremost expensive diamond ever sold at auction.

A pink diamond is one among the rarest stones within the world. only a few people have ever had the chance to ascertain one personally. But pink is that the rarest color of all. Among the 66 most beautiful within the world, there's just one of that color.

Diamonds of that color that exist within the world today are predominantly mined from the Argyle mine located in Australia. just one of the gems that are extracted from that mine are pink. people who are mined have sold for many dollars at auctions round the world. The last of these stones, the Pink Legacy diamond, was auctioned in the week at Christie's, Geneva.

The incredible beauty and scarcity of a pink diamond make it a prized piece for any collector. they're of the very best value. consistent with the Argyle Diamond Mine, a pink diamond can cost up to twenty times quite its white equivalent. Queen Elizabeth of England, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are known to wear jewelry with these gems.

How are Argyle Diamond Mined?

With a spread of extractive processes, an unbalanced global supply chain, and therefore the legacy of conflict australian pink diamonds affecting stability and production in West Africa , we consider the processes and consequences of how diamonds are mined.

While countries like Canada and Australia figured prominently within the rankings in terms of production, totaling 23 million carats and 17 million carats respectively, neither of those countries saw their diamonds reach prices of quite $ 100 per. carat. Australian diamonds were particularly undervalued, with the country's exports totaling $ 200 million, like $ 11.7 per carat.

While this pattern is encouraging for economic process in countries with high-value diamonds, countries like Australia are struggling to maximize a high-demand industry.

Australia's largest diamond mine, Rio Tinto's Argyle operation, has seen its ore reserve fall from 29 million tonnes in 2016 to 16 million tonnes the subsequent year, a forty five drop that threatens to undermine diamond production in Australia and beyond. Business Insider Australia writer Chris Pash expects the Argyle shutdown to scale back global diamond production by 10%, arguing that this "will create upward pressure on prices."

Can you invest in gold and diamonds?

Precious stones and gold are, for the bulk , articles of beauty and luxury that are only conceived as an ornament within the sort of a jewel, decorative or artistic element. The diamond has an exceptional quality and may be a stone that rarely loses value.

In times of crisis its price is maintained and even revalued. an equivalent is true with gold or silver, they have a tendency to take care of value and depending on your Investment diamonds within the future is typically the foremost successful. The market offers diversity and investment opportunities that begin of the standard , stocks and shares, there are alternatives, like investing in gold and diamonds, or silver, also through bank intermediation.

Gold and diamond are a sort of investment designed for the future. Investment diamonds in diamonds is different from other sorts of precious metals, there are financial analyzes and studies that highlight that the diamond features a good profitability, with the passage of about 15 or 20 years.

Can Argyle Diamond Be The Best Investment In Future?

Diamonds are precious jewels that denote luxury and economic stability, they're considered as a matter of authenticity, beauty, style and exclusivity. they're stones of an incomparable quality and with greater hardness than any of the opposite stones. Also, its use isn't exclusive to the jewellery guild.

It is a sort of investment with security, since they're exceptional and desired objects, it's difficult to devalue their value. Your possession may be a guarantee against a crisis or bankruptcy. you'll lose property, stocks or money, but gold and diamonds can protect you against an uncertain economic future.

They can be purchased online in specialized stores that have electronic commerce, it's necessary to consult alright with an expert within the field. and therefore the purchase should be wiped out person. Thus, we'll avoid being victims of scams or buying fake gold and diamonds.                                        


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 A 59.60 carat pink oval diamond called "Pink Star" was sold in April 2017 at Sotheby's in Australia for a record $ 71.2 million ($ 1194600 / carat). The diamond had a preliminary value of $ 60 million. The unique stone was acquired by the Australian jewelry company Chow Tai Fook (CTF), which renamed the diamond “CTF Pink diamond ” in honor of the brand's name. The gemstone has excellent quality characteristics. The color of this diamond is Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America, and IF is clarity. This diamond is classified as a rare type IIa. It was cut from a 132.5 carat diamond mined by De Beers in 1999 in Australia.  It took about 20 months to cut the stone. For the first time this diamond, under its old name "Steinmetz Pink", was shown to the public in Australia in 2003. This diamond was previously exhibited at Sotheby's in November 2013 in Geneva. Then he left for a record $ 83 million. But at the end of February 2014 it became k