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How To Identify Public & Private Buildings Inspection?

The Electronic Private building certifier Identity will be required for any real estate transaction, except rentals, unless there are changes to the law that has been passed for about two years.

It is provided that, in case, during the completion of the electronic building ID or during the periodic inspections, false identity data of the building have been falsely filled in by the supervising or the authorized engineer, in addition to the criminal sanctions and the already foreseen disciplinary sanctions, a fine is imposed, whose height ranges from 2,000 to 20,000. euros, depending on the area that is not imprinted on the electronic identity of the building.

This is expected to be the minimum cost for every property owner in Greece, as long as of course the property in question is completely legal and does not carry any urban planning violations.

In particular, the owners must obtain the building permit of the building and its plans, approved by the competent urban planning service, the energy performance certificate of the building or parts thereof, the construction inspection certificate, if any, declarations of compliance with sanctions suspension laws , floor plans, which depict the building in real condition, the structural vulnerability sheet and the static adequacy study, if required (eg in cases of arbitrariness), the millimeter table and the cost allocation study of the building, if any, and finally the certificate of completeness of the building identity, which is issued by the inspecting engineer.

In five years, public real estate, public assembly buildings, gas stations, workshops, tourist accommodation over 300 sq.m., all private and public schools, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, should have Electronic Building Identity. kindergartens, nursing homes.

In any purchase of all other properties in the country, ie apartments and houses, the law stipulates that they must have an Electronic Building Identity in order to transfer the property. So they will be forced to issue the relevant ID when selling the property or in any other act that changes the owner.

What Energy Performance Certificate Shows?

The Energy Performance Building Certification is valid for ten (10) years and concerns all new buildings, with a total area of ​​over fifty (50) sq.m., the existing buildings that are subject to radical renovation, the existing buildings with an area of ​​more than 50 sq.m. μ. or parts thereof when sold or leased, as well as in all public & wider public sector buildings. The Energy Performance Certificate requirement in the case of purchase and sale is implemented six (6) months after the entry into force of KENAK and in the case of rent nine (9) months after.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate includes, inter alia, the results of the energy inspector evaluation and recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building, so that consumers can compare and evaluate their actual consumption and any possibilities for improving energy efficiency. performance. The issuance of the certificate is mandatory. "

How Much Energy Is Efficient To Study Buildings Inspection?

The Energy Efficiency Study of Buildings Inspection replaces the thermal insulation study and will be prepared for each new building, as well as for each existing one, if it will be radically renovated and based on a specific methodology which refers to: a) the requirement to meet minimum building design requirements , the building shell and the electromechanical installations and b) in its comparison with a reference building. Reference building means a building with the same geometric characteristics, location, orientation, use and operating characteristics as the building in question, but which meets minimum specifications and has defined technical characteristics.

What does the Building Inspection Identity include? 

      The electronic building ID includes the following information:
  • the executive of the building permit of the building, with its revisions 
  • the plans that accompany the building permit
  • the energy performance certificate of the building or parts of it
  • the construction inspection certificate, if issued
  • declarations of submission to laws suspending the imposition of sanctions on arbitrary
  • floor plans, which depict the building in its true state
  • the structural vulnerability sheet and the static adequacy study, if required
  • the millimeter table and the cost allocation study of the building, if required
  • the certificate of completeness of the electronic identity of the building


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