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How to choose a good courier service?


Finding a courier agency that delivers your products is a tough task. If you choose the right supplier, you can improve your existing business relationships and solidify new ones with other entrepreneurs or users who purchase your products. With the large number of delivery companies out there, as an entrepreneur you will have to consider many aspects and that is why we want to show you how to choose a good courier service.

courier service

Keys to choosing a good courier service

When a company is created, a series of steps are usually followed: you set up your business, buy the product and manage the marketing. But there are many entrepreneurs forget to look like the logistics and leave out their plan of action, so after making the first steps will turn back to redo all accounts and preplanning to adapt budgets and cost of products.

And do we understand well what logistics is? If not, you should pay close attention since it starts with the reception of the supplies - the storage of the packages - until the distribution and after-sales service.

It is not worth forgetting the product once it has reached the customer. You should be interested because everyone is satisfied with their purchases and you can check it with social networks or opinions on your website.

Managing logistics is not easy because you need to dedicate your time and money. If your company is within traditional businesses, everything is limited -in a way- to buying the material, storing it and selling it. If you are going to sell your products over the Internet, everything can be complicated with the management of imports, customs fees and order returns.

Preliminary considerations

  • Identify your own needs: what is the objective of your company, how far you want to go and what you want to achieve with it.
  • Evaluate the options well and ask for a budget: find out the coverage and characteristics of the service in different companies. According to the time and destination that interests you, choose the most competitive price.
  • Be aware of shipping and delivery dates for holidays and non-business days. The latter have an extra charge as well as express or 24-hour orders.
  • If you are going to do the packaging yourself, take care of the wrapping and packaging. And check the opinions of users on their social media accounts to see if the packages arrive in good condition or not.
  • Remember that if the package exceeds the maximum weight or length you will pay an additional charge.
  • Investigate guarantees: what happens if the shipment is not delivered, additional charges, compensation for non-compliance in delivery times, means for tracking and coverage, among other topics. You have to offer customers as much information as possible at all times. For this, it is essential that you provide them with a reference number to track orders from when they confirm the purchase until they arrive at your home.

Conditions that a good delivery company should have

Make it flexible to ship at any time: in half an hour, an hour or 24 hours.

That he can mix with you as if he were a partner, understanding the client's tastes and adapting to them at all times and taking him into account for all your decisions.

That has customizable offers in the flexibility of the delivery time or in the locations of collection of the product. Each client has needs and we must adapt.

Have a good image. If the order does not arrive within the established period, the image of your company deteriorates as well as that of the dealer. And as we mentioned, the best way to verify this is to take a virtual walk through the company's social networks or through the Google search engine itself.

That it has extra services such as a call center in several languages, an incident service 24 hours a day, order tracking, SMS or email notifications, or electronic collection management.

That the supplier facilitates the return of the products either by collecting them or through the established delivery points. The customer must be clear about where, when and how to return their product and in what period of time one will be delivered in perfect condition or their money will be refunded.

That goes hand in hand with the big international companies. As not all markets are equal and you do not know the expansion that your company can achieve, if you already have agreements it will be easier to avoid additional costs and the dissatisfaction of your customers.

To mime your wares. It is not the same to transport a mobile phone than a washing machine or a refrigerator, nor can cold products be treated in the same way as non-perishable ones.

You manage your money well. It is essential that guarantees are offered to those who give you their money and the products must be duly identified, as well as offer the possibility of the purchase on delivery, since there are still many users reluctant to buy online since digital natives they still don't have 18 or credit cards.

That guarantees quality. It may be obvious, but your brand will do well or poorly depending on the decision you make. Guarantee certificates are important, such as their position in rankings due to their presence in market studies or through the statistics of incidents and claims that you should be able to consult.


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