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Printing Service in NSW

printing services


we have our own printing press to offer any type of printing service

Traditionally printing service is the process and result of reproducing texts and images, usually with ink on paper. Although it is currently possible to do so on virtually any surface by fitting printing systems. Printing systems are very varied, as are their results. We could say that there are three groups:

The first would be offset printing , flat or rotary is reserved for large runs of newspapers, magazines, labels, packaging, etc .... the systems are very varied, they can use lithography, screen printing, pad printing, flexography, “gravure”, phototype, etc ...

The second would be digital printingt service hat would suit a particular or commercial customer on a small or medium scale, as this system allows you to print prints tailored to the customer, be they very small or medium scale and can customize the prints one by one at the level of variable data or totality of the impression. Within digital printing we can print w    ith ink or toner. 

The first is reserved for domestic areas due to its very thin runs and minimum speed. On the other hand, the laser system uses toner and the printing speed can be very high (it is counted in pages per minute. Ppm), which together with its versatility and great quality make this system the impression of the future, and more taking into account the possibility of a total personalization of the document, making it a unique piece for advertising and communication.

And third and last we would have the large format impression which is that which is made on large media, usually from (84 cm x 60 cm). These works are carried out with printing service plotters that print linearly and are fed by means of reels (rolls of paper, silk, canvas, etc ...). Mostly large format production is used in outdoor campaigns, such as billboards, giant vinyls, tarpaulins for trade fairs and conferences, urban muppets, roll-ups, banners, etc .. although lately it is also used. is using for interior decoration, both private and company level.


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