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How to use a chain for a fencing

Fence chain application Fencing chain made of different materials is a popular idea for those who need to restrict access to a particular area of ​​the territory. This is not surprising, because the price of such fences is much lower than for other similar designs. In addition, plastic chains or from another type of material are quite practical, despite the pricing policy. 

Another factor that makes mechanical or automatic chains popular for the consumer is the ease of installation of the structure, which does not require special equipment and the hiring of specialists in the construction industry.


An example of a chain guard 

Where are chain fences used? Chain fences have a fairly wide range of applications. These are: Mechanical or automatic chains are installed in parking lots near offices or houses, according to GOST requirements. And also, they are used for fencing parking lots and parking lots. This solution helps to clearly understand the boundaries of the guarded parking lot. 

A plastic red chain is used to mark areas that pose a potential danger to humans. These can be objects with high electrical voltage. Also, such chains protect pedestrian hazardous areas on sidewalks and roads. A white chain meets at the side of the road to separate pedestrian areas. Also, a white or metal chain is used to fence various objects of architectural landmarks. For example, monuments. 

Option to fence the monument with a chain These are the main areas of use of chains, according to the requirements of GOST and for owners of private houses. What are the chains.


Fencing chain is more than just a material that can be used to demarcate territories and separate hazardous areas. Thanks to these structures, private entrepreneurs who maintain parking lots, production workshops, can fulfill the standard prescribed in GOST. Chains are: 

Example of a plastic chain for a fence.

Metal chain for mounting the fence Plastic Plastic chains are used by those institutions and owners of private plots for whom the low price of the product per meter is important. This design can be either white or black. And also, the plastic chain, which is a fencing, can be of a variety of colors. In terms of quality, plastic chains withstand the standards and are considered quite reliable. They do not change their structure at low temperatures and do not melt in high heat.


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