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How do you rate the result after floor polishing the floor? which meter will you choose and how will you read the data?in europe and china, most people only use a gloss tester without doi - clarity. but we learn that doi is sometimes even more important.

why should we care about doi? what does the doi parameter mean in floor polishing?

If you want to understand how your floor polishing work works, it is obvious that relying on data alone is not enough, the most versatile device cannot display the haze problem. for sure, however, if there is a lot of haze on the floor, you can see a blurry and diffused shine. we want a pure specular look not only high gloss.

but even if we cannot find a way to measure 100% the condition of the floor surface, we have to approach it constantly. (see pictures below, 60 ° = gloss meter, doi = clarity)

When it comes to polishing marble, the traditional way: floor mat / steel wool + polishing cream / powder is not the best way right now. to be honest, you can try this from time to time, but don't rely on it. What for?

First of all, let's take a look at how it works. Usually people add oxalic acid and fluorosilicic acid to react with calcium on the marble surface to form calcium oxalate and calcium fluorosilicate components to form a crystalline layer.

If used too often, long-term maintenance, excessive calcification and repeated calcification on the stone surface will cause cracks and orange peel problems.So now we are focused on developing a mechanical polishing method, polish the floor to a clear mirror with ezshine marble floor polishing pads and only water.

Our mshine marble pillow is a professional polymer bonded pillow that can remove severe scratches and enhance shine in 6 steps. but in most cases you don't need all the steps.

back to basics, we are thinking about polishing or cleaning floors, 4 parameters matter:



# slip resistance

#haze (active only for concrete floor)

we know most people do not have translucency, slip resistance and haze testing equipment, but as a manufacturer we must ensure that our ezshine tools meet these targets. Various and objective measurement data can help us improve product performance.

With the launch of the complete series of ezshine floor cleaning pads and the registration of the ezshine trademark, we will channel our 25 years of know-how and experience to advance the floor polishing and maintenance market.

division makes professional

The ezshine diamond clean solution categorizes floor types into stone, hard and coated. In addition, w e also has two product lines: the floor cleaning pad system and the professional diamond polishing disc system.

choose the right floor cushion

a color-coding system is now popular to denote various applications. and as for ezshine floor cleaning cushions, need to remind customers what grit is not. facilities.

All ezshine floor cushions are tough and flexible floor polishing abrasive technology. abrasives are completely different from conventional floor pads and other diamond discs. so there is no sand. decided that the pads are possible and what not.

x coarse / coarse grain e.g. 50 #, 100 #, 200 # and 400 #means they can do heavy prep work such as stripping, deep cleaning . but never use them to polish or polish the floor. they will leave deep scratches.

medium grit, such as 800 #, can be mop and light scrubbing. good transition from stripping to polishing.

fine / xfine / xxfine grit such as 1500 #, 3000 #, 8000 #, 12000 # can be polished, dried or cleaned daily. # a good way to do daily maintenance work. they are very good so they cannot be used to remove scratches.

if you can use them step by step, the scratches will be removed and the floor will be clean. try to use them daily, the shine will increase.If you've ever tried diamond pads, you will understand why they are better than regular floor pillows. diamond pads

greener and healthier. can only work with water to obtain a clean and glossy surface. Suitable for

hospitals and schools in some floor care applications.

durability and cost savings. longer service life saves on consumables.

best result. brings out a glossy surface and prolongs shine. use daily, the shine will increase.

safer. enhance slip resistance when cleaning the floor surface.

but the best performance comes from the best materials and technologies. To start with this topic, we need to know what material is found in diamond floor polishing and regular floor pillows. Generally speaking, most floor pillows will use silicon carbide particles, while diamond pillows will use diamond particles.

1. Speaking of diamonds, people immediately imagine a sparkling gem-quality diamond in Figure 1. In fact, it is a natural or synthetic diamond that has been artificially industrial grade diamond is shown in fig. 2 for coarse-grained diamonds and in Fig. 3 for fine grained diamonds.

4 is a schematic diagram of the atomic structure of a diamond: a cubic crystal structure composed entirely of carbon atoms. in a diamond crystal, each carbon atom forms a covalent bond with the other 4 carbon atoms through the hybrid sp3 orbital, forming a regular tetrahedron. Due to the strong cc bond in diamond, the hardness of the diamond is high. Diamond is the hardest substance in nature and has a Mohs hardness of 10.

2. Common abrasive silicon carbide is shown in Figure 5 for black silicon carbide. Figure 6 shows that the cubic crystal structure of silicon carbide belongs to the zinc blende structure, which is very similar to, but different from, diamond. floor polishing the difference is that the atoms on the two face-centered cubic lattices that make up the zinc blende structure are of different types, while the atoms that make up the diamond structure are of the same type. Figure 7 shows the hexagonal structure of silicon carbide.

3. The atomic structure determines the physical properties, so diamond is the hardest substance in nature, with a Mohs hardness of 10 (additional note: now the laboratory has made c60 hardness more than diamond, in the future we will produce c60 polishing sheet), diamond is microhardness about 90,000 MPa

The hardness of silicon carbide on the Mohs scale is about 9-9.5, and the microhardness is about 30,000MPa.

The Mohs hardness and microhardness of diamond is much higher than that of silicon carbide, which is the main reason that the sharpness of diamond grinding discs (polishing discs) is much higher than that of silicon carbide grinding discs.


silicon carbide: $ 2,194.5 per ton = $ 2.19 per kg (currency: $ 1 = 6.8353 yuan)

diamond: $ 0.029 per carat = $ 0.1463 per g = $ 146.3 per kg = $ 146,300 per ton

compare the difference in raw material cost! 146300 / 2194.5 = 66.6 times!

but even expensive, but diamond particles can give better cleaning and floor polishing result (s) with less resource consumption. This is why we always recommend the ezshine diamond pad system to help you clean and brighten your floor. live in 2020, try the 2020 method.


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