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Under the customs clearance of cargo (customs clearance), a procedure is assumed to which all goods must be subjected when crossing the borders of the country. Due to the complexity of this event, it is not so easy to conduct it yourself. Many people use the  transport Services of brokerage companies that are customs representatives, as an example of one such company is the transport and logistics company


Basically, this procedure means the appropriate registration and payment of duties. Such services are provided by representatives (brokers). These agents have the right to carry out all sorts of clean-up actions on behalf of the client in his interest.

During border crossing, the goods are subject to a special procedure. A list of them is presented in the EEC Customs Code. The main ones are export and import. There is also transit, revision, re-export, re-import and others.

Carrying out customs clearance during export

In the process of exporting goods from the country, the owner or his representative transfers to the customs structure the documents and information that is provided for by the current legislation. There is a list of documents for various types of cars, among which a declaration must be submitted without fail. Information can be provided in electronic form, but the customs authority can request originals at any time. The declaration must contain a list of cargo names and codes. When the customs authority issues a permit for the export of goods, a corresponding note is put on the document.

When carrying out import, customs clearance is carried out in almost the same way as when exporting. To carry out the customs clearance procedure, you must pay duties, fees, all taxes that must be made before the release of goods.

Speaking about the actions of brokers, in most cases they work in two stages: preparatory and directly customs clearance. At the first stage, the information received from the customer is analyzed, duties are calculated, cargo codes are determined by transport Services the nomenclature and the declaration is filled out. Then cooperation with customs structures begins: transport documents are filled out, all fees are paid.

In the country, such activities are regulated by the relevant legislative acts, including the Customs Code of the EEC, Federal Law and others. It must be remembered that various amendments are regularly made to the legislation, therefore the rules for the procedure are changing.

Reducing risks

To reduce the level of risks during events, the company has the opportunity to hire a specialist or use outsourcing. It is advisable to have such an employee on staff only for large organizations with a continuous flow of goods that must be cleared by customs authorities.

In other cases, the services of a representative make it possible to prevent unnecessary expenses on the staff of a specialist and at the same time significantly reduce the risks in the process of going through all customs actions. The latter is extremely important in the process of transport Services that are included in the list of risk groups. This list is presented to the customs authorities and is constantly updated.

Almost any company in its activities is faced with a situation when it is necessary to import small consignments of goods into australia from abroad. In this case, ordering a container is not economically viable. International delivery of transport Services cargo is the most optimal way.

Consolidated cargo is called a cargo that includes products from different owners, it follows in one container to the same destination. Consolidation of consignments of goods takes place in one warehouse. Delivery to the warehouse is carried out by the owner of the goods or by the carrier. Further, it is expected when there will be enough goods to fill the container, and it is already sent by the previously selected transportation method: by sea, by rail or by truck, by air.

Currently, the most popular is the delivery of transport Services cargo from China . The country is one of the leading exporters in the world. A large number of Russian entrepreneurs import a wide variety of goods from China, from clothing to equipment.

The main advantage of cargo is the cost of their transportation, the ability to move long distances from anywhere in the world. Most of all, this delivery method is suitable for goods weighing up to 1.5 tons.

The main disadvantage is the waiting time for sending. However, if timing is not a priority for you, then feel free to choose this option. When calculating, logistics companies often use the definition of "volumetric weight" - 1 cubic meter, which is 166 kg. Special rates are set for oversized items. Incompatible goods cannot be sent in a consolidated batch. For example, perishable products are transported separately from long shelf life products.

Customs clearance of consolidated lots

The contract for carriage is concluded with each owner separately. The most difficult stage is the preparation of accompanying documentation, customs clearance. It is best to delegate these procedures to experienced specialists of the company MV-Trade. Turnkey shipping includes packaging, labeling, loading, unloading, door-to-door delivery, preparation of permits, certificates of conformity, filling out a declaration, payment of fees and customs duties and much more. It is worth deciding in advance which of the above the company that owns the cargo will be able to sell on its own, and which is better to give into the hands of professionals.

For successful international transportation and customs clearance, you need to know and navigate the regulatory and legal acts of the Russian Federation, as well as those countries through which the transportation passes. For each cargo, a separate declaration is drawn up, in which the goods are classified in accordance with the HS codes. It is this task that is difficult for many, inaccuracy in the description can cause cargo delays and sometimes fines. The packaging must correspond to the contents of the cargo, be strong, ensuring integrity throughout the entire journey. The information must be accurate, provided in full. Products subject to certification must be presented with certificates. Customs procedures take no more than a day. In some cases, this period can be increased,

Shipping cost

The cost of international cargo transportation of consolidated consignments of goods depends on the specifics of the product, its weight, dimensions, distance, and the selected type of vehicle. For example, the delivery of transport Services from China can be realized by cargo or passenger flights, sea vessels, railway transport, automobile or a multimodal scheme, when two or more modes of transport are used at once. The longest, but also the cheapest will be shipping by sea. The fastest and most expensive at the same time is by air. The estimated cost can often be found on the company's websites. For an accurate calculation, it is worth contacting the specialists of the MV-Trade company. You will receive not only competent advice, but also comprehensive answers to your questions.


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