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One of the most enjoyable and crucial moments of wedding preparation is the choice of wedding rings. The custom of putting a ring on the ring finger has been preserved since the days of the ancient Romans, who believed that it was inside this finger that there was the so-called "vein of love" leading straight to the heart

When choosing an engagement ring, imagine how it will look on your hand along with your engagement ring after the wedding. From the moment of the engagement until the Wedding rings, the bride must wear the engagement ring without removing it. It is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand (in some countries, on the right).


First of all, decide on the metal from which the rings will be made - yellow, white or red gold, silver or platinum. Or maybe you like modern combinations: silver-copper, silver-rhodium, various compositions of colored gold.

If we talk about the most popular metals, now it is white and rose gold, platinum, palladium. Please note that recently fashionable silver rings require special care.


By tradition, the Wedding rings is made without stones and patterns - "so that life is smooth." If you think this is a relic of the past, feel free to consider the option of rings with stones. Note:Are you comfortable with a ring with a stone.Does not cling to clothes or hair

How tight is the stone in the ring?

Thinking about how to choose a Wedding rings with a diamond or other inserts, remember that the presence of stones immediately increases the value of the ring. Although there are several secrets, knowing which, you can save when buying rings with stones:

Gold color. You can choose smaller stones, but play with the color of gold - on white gold, diamonds visually appear larger.

Colored stones. Use colored gemstones - rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds of fancy colors: black, yellow, "cognac". They tend to be slightly cheaper.

The size of the stones. When using stones up to 0.3 carats, the characteristics are not of great importance. Color up to J and clarity up to i3 according to the GIA classification for diamonds of this size look pretty decent, but hardly anyone will consider them with a magnifying glass.


Once upon a time, a wedding ring was a common wide gold strip. Now creativity is welcomed in everything.

In order to emphasize the uniqueness of your couple, you can order rings in the form of a Mobius strip, knots or in the form of any word meaningful to you. Original designs tend to be more difficult to make. Therefore, the margin for them often ranges from 15% and more, depending on the complexity.

In a good workshop there is always a selection of tried and tested running models. Most likely, the proposed design will suit you perfectly.


Wide or narrow, with a rounded border or European style - the choice is endless. Recently, newlyweds are increasingly choosing Wedding rings with the comfort fit profile, which has been used for a long time in Europe. These products have a rounded shape both on the outside and on the inside. Thanks to her, even wide jewelry does not "cut" into the finger.

Be sure to try on several options! This is the best way to get an answer to the question - how to choose a wedding ring.


If you are tall and slender with long fingers, then a massive ring with large stones will look rather ridiculous on you. For large and chubby fingers, on the contrary, a wide 4-6 mm ring will be quite appropriate. For fingers of medium length, the ideal ring is from 3-6 mm.Wedding rings with a width of 3-7 mm are recommended for men.


How to choose the size of your wedding ring? When choosing a ring, remember that it is intended for long-term daily wear. Accordingly, the ring should not fall off, but also should not squeeze the finger. This is, at least not aesthetically pleasing, and can also be bad for health. Do not forget that in the cold season, the fingers taper, in the hot season - they become more plump. Pay attention to the features of your physique.


Often, newlyweds prefer to choose rings of the same style. But what if the bride and groom did not find a coveted pair that would satisfy the wishes of both? Ask a consultant to choose rings to your liking, but united by a common detail or stylistic direction.


Discuss with each other an important point: are you going to wear these rings all your life, or perhaps you plan to update them after a while. If the wedding rings worn on your wedding day are a significant symbol of love for you and you do not plan to change them, then discuss with your consultant the  possibility of changing the size of the ring model you like.

Throughout life, the parameters of our bodies change and the possibility of rolling or, conversely, rolling a ring is a very useful option. Find out in advance if your ring is designed for such manipulations.


Carefully inspect the selected rings for scrap, chips, dents, or metal irregularities. According to the Consumer Protection Law, jewelry cannot be returned.


An original hand and heart offer made with a soul is no less important than the cost of the ring itself. Pay special attention to how you will give the most important ring in your beloved's life.

The same can be said for wedding rings. Interesting pads, trays, boxes, coasters, played during a photo session, will highlight the dignity of your rings.


While writing this article, we thought about this - is it possible to make wedding rings with our own hands? Or is it fantasy?

And we found workshops where I provide such services. “Nothing can compare in preparation for a Wedding rings in symbolism with the fact that newlyweds themselves literally forge their happiness in the form of rings. They melt the metal into a single ingot, from which they create rings with their own hands. From alloy preparation to polishing - this is 6 hours of continuous teamwork "


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