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Building inspections is a service that helps to determine the actual technical, construction and energy condition of the property. The inspection of real estate is performed by a certified real estate inspector, who reveals obvious and mainly hidden defects of the real estate, for example before buying real estate. An inspector certified by the Association of Real Estate Inspectors is able to advise on the implementation of a real estate transaction as such. Among other things, the real estate inspector gives you the certainty during a real estate transaction that you are not buying "hares in a sack". The offer of services of a certified inspector is in the following range. However, the customer can choose from the offer what he only needs or combine the content of the services. The content of the services can be "tailored to the customer".

Satisfying the customer's need for a quick inspection - finding out the technical condition and hidden technical failures of one or more properties. A certified inspector responds very quickly and almost immediately to any customer request in the field of Building inspections. Based on the agreed price of the service, the express inspection of the property is usually performed accompanied by a certified real estate inspector (service no. 01) - price from CZK 5,000.00 based on an individual calculation. A certified inspector carries out inspections of real estate and continuously warns interested parties of defects and the risks of hidden defects. The output of the service is usually oral information about the detected faults and possible other risks of faults.

Building inspections is a service that helps to determine the actual technical, construction and energy condition of the property

When is it appropriate to inspect the property together with a certified inspector?

The customer is in a hurry to check the property.The price for the service is payable at the place of inspection immediately after the inspection in cash against the tax document.

Basic Building inspections of hidden technical failures of the property by a certified inspector without a personal inspection of the property (service no. 1) - price from CZK 1,500.00 - the output of the service is a simple written report with a list of potential technical failures of the property.

Based on photographs, the location of the property, diagrams, original drawings and other available information, the certified inspector will select and point out potential technical failures that should be checked. Personal examination is not performed. The result is limited by the amount and quality of information provided by the customer.

When is it appropriate to perform a basic risk examination by a certified inspector?

For a customer buying or selling a property as one of the first steps to gaining initial security in a real estate transaction.

Inspection of the property accompanied by a certified real estate inspector (service no. 2) - price from CZK 2,900.00 - the output of the service is oral information about detected failures and possible other risks of hidden defects. The certified inspector participates in the inspection of the property and continuously warns the interested party of obvious defects and the risks of hidden defects.

When is it appropriate to inspect the property together with a certified inspector? 

For a customer buying a property, Building inspections with an inspector is an ideal solution at a time when the customer likes the property in terms of location, size and is considering buying a property.

The inspection with the inspector will help when the reconstruction of the property needs to be solved or its reconstruction is being considered. A tour with a property inspector is ideal for accepting a newly built family house or apartment in a new building or before the building is approved.

Real estate inspection without estimating the costs necessary to bring the real estate into the correct technical condition (service no. 3) - price from CZK 3,900.00 - the output of the service is the Real Estate Inspection Technical Passport.

Building inspections is a service that helps to determine the actual technical, construction and energy condition of the property

A certified property inspector will inspect the property in detail. Depending on the technical areas of the subject of real estate inspection selected by the customer, more than 160 items are assessed. Individual technical areas and their written designation (technical area A - statics, technical area B - water insulation, technical area C - heat leakage, technical area D - floor and wall surfaces, technical area E - technical equipment of real estate, technical area F - health safety of housing / healthy living, technical area G - safety in the use of real estate and fire safety, technical area H - sound / noise / acoustics) are described at the end of this information in the chapter "Individual technical areas of real estate inspection and their characteristics". Based on the survey, the inspector will prepare a detailed report on the condition of the property in selected technical areas and the so-called Inspection Technical Passport of Real Estate (ITPN). ITPN assists the customer selling the property as a legitimacy of the technical condition of the property and the customer buying the property as assistance in making the right decision to buy the property.

ITPN clearly informs about the number of found defects by individual selected technical areas, identifies these defects and at the same time draws attention to other possible specific technical risks of hidden defects found in the property, which do not manifest themselves, but may manifest themselves and cause property defects in the future.

A full Building inspections (all 8 areas) of a family house property, depending on the size and technical condition of the house, actually means intensive research and documentation of the property over a period of two to five hours. The inspector needs additional hours of intensive work to prepare the inspection (study of delivered and retrieved documents and reports) and his own administrative processing of inspection results.

When is it appropriate to conduct a full property inspection?

It is ideal for the customer buying the property to order a full inspection of the property at the stage when he is more or less decided to buy the property and is fine-tuning the conditions of the purchase contract.

It is good for a customer selling a property to order an inspection at the stage when he is preparing for sale and wants to have an independent document with which he can prove to the interested parties the quality of his sold property. At this stage, at the request of the customer, the inspection can be supplemented by a paid service with the issuance of a mandatory Energy Performance Certificate of the building and an expert evaluation


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