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After these weeks of confinement, it was time to finally release your “beautiful old lady” . In the garage for 2 months, you have pampered, washed, re-washed, polished, vacuumed ... and started 5 minutes in 2 months!

For this long awaited outing, it starts with difficulty, but you say to yourself “oh with the kilometers it will be fine”. Then comes the first stop to admire the scenery of the beautiful mountain road that you have taken and when it is time to leave… nothing! You are alone, in the middle of nowhere and no garage on the horizon.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions such as the newcastletowingtransport platform , on which you can find in a few seconds a professional repairing and towing service vehicles throughout France. The car repair companies, partners of newcastletowingtransport, also intervene in the event of loss of the keys for opening a door, towing a vehicle following an accident, to remove a wreck or just to change a wheel.

what determines the price of a car towing?

Several parameters are taken into account, so it is not uncommon to see towing or emergency breakdown rates with a large range of prices.First of all, the breakdown hour : auto repairers often work 24 hours a day, the price of your breakdown service will not be the same at the end of the morning during the week, as at 3 am on a public holiday, logical! The increase can thus reach 50% on this single criterion. It is the same for the period , for example during the great departures on vacation, the price to tow a car will be increased. The weather also plays a role, between a beautiful spring day and a snowstorm in winter the price of breakdown assistance or towing service will not be the same.

The geographic location of your vehicle for emergency repair will also have an impact. A motorway, an underground car park, a high mountain road as well as the distance to be covered or the possible road costs to reach your broken down vehicle will determine the price of your car breakdown service.

Finally, the time spent by the repairman and any parts used to help you out will be criteria that will determine the final cost of repairing your car.In all cases, after towing or repairing your vehicle, the professional is required to provide you with a detailed invoice for the breakdown or towing service.

Containers are generally 20 or 40 feet . Those of 20 feet are often the centenarians on whom the families set their sights, for the transfer of their business. To load in a container, you must be well equipped with small tools. These are packaging elements: adhesive tape, cardboard boxes, straps, blankets, markers, etc. You will find these towing service elements in supermarkets or specialized stores. They will allow you to buy them as a package.

Once these elements are in hand, you have to think about the actual loading. If it is necessary to add a motorcycle, for example, to your vehicle in the container, proceed as follows: Place the motorcycle at the bottom of the container, it must be placed sideways in the center of the container and hold it well. Do not favor one side of the container wall. This is one of the advantages of transporting a car by boat, it can keep as much of your personal effects as the vehicle. The container is in fact opened only once at its destination. So you won't have to worry about who knows the content. The vehicle must now be loaded.

To load the car, it must be placed in the center of the container like the motorcycle previously. The vehicle must be placed in the center to prevent the container from being unbalanced during transport. Don't forget to empty the gas tank. It must then be immobilized with straps. The 4 wheels must be blocked with fairly thick pieces of wood. The documents will need to be removed from the car. The battery can just be disconnected and the alarms disabled . These are small precautions, which once forgotten can put you in difficult situations. As the floor of the container is lined with wood, it is possible to attach wedges.

At least once in your life, your car has been unable to perform its primary function of transporting you. What was your reaction ? Certainly not to leave it in the middle of a road. You either towed your vehicle yourself or called on a quick breakdown structure to take care of it. Either way, you've done everything to get out of the woods. But at what cost ?

As mentioned above, you can first alert a repair professional who can offer you towing service. The latter, in fact, will be provided with all the equipment it needs to tow your vehicle. But for a matter of speed and especially to avoid disrupting the circulation of other cars, you will have to have the reflex to call in a specialist who is near you .

Despite the cost of towing service from your convenience store, don't worry. In fact, your auto insurance may cover all of these expenses . To do this, contact your insurer, he will tell you whether or not there is coverage. This is indeed the main advantage of requesting the assistance of a repair structure.

Today, towing your vehicle yourself is a more practical solution. This is necessarily due to the economic crisis which is reducing the financial budget of each family. Although it will waste you a little time, it will still be very economical.

For this, you will need to have in your possession suitable equipment such as trailer covers, trailer locks and many others … But the most important of all is without any hesitation the auto tow bar.

A drawbar or tow bar  is a piece of equipment suitable for towing broken down automobiles. It comes in the form of an iron rod that has a well-defined diameter. At its two ends, it has hooks which must grip on the two vehicles (the one in poor condition and the second which wants to tow it).


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