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The technology for installing a curtain wall with ventilation was invented in Australia in the 50s of the last century. Although this technology appeared in not so long ago, now ventilated facades are becoming more and more popular for decorating external walls. This is due to a number of advantages of such a technological solution. A hinged ventilated facade is, in fact, a false wall, arranged on a frame subsystem. It includes insulation, substructure, vapor barrier, as well as external cladding. An air gap is formed between the insulation and the substructure

1. Wide range of applications. Ventilated facades are universal: they are suitable for finishing Building supplies of any type and purpose.

2. Installation does not require additional preparation of the base.

3. Protection of the building structure from negative environmental influences.

4. Diverse exterior. The facade of a building can take on almost any shape and texture.

5. Simple renovation. If structural elements are damaged, they can be easily dismantled and replaced with new ones.

6. Durability. Sydney has a service life of over 50 years.

7. High degree of sound insulation.

8. High thermal insulation properties. Due to the layered structure and properties of finishing materials, a building with such a facade is easier to heat and cool.

Installation of illegal armed groups is a job that requires a responsible approach and careful preparation. To begin with, you need to measure the surface under the facade, then decide on the materials and draw up a project.

1. Brackets are attached to the wall according to the marked marking. There should be a distance between them in accordance with the size of the slabs of the cladding material.

2. The next step is facade insulation . Usually, mineral wool or basalt slabs act as insulation. Sometimes, foam or expanded polystyrene is used. The material is glued or attached with umbrella dowels.

3. A waterproof membrane is placed on top of the insulation. It provides the walls with vapor tightness.

4. Then the substructure is mounted. The lathing can be made of wooden beams or metal profiles. Metal, due to its durability, is used more often. The profile is fixed in accordance with the previously installed brackets. The width of the air gap depends on the thickness of the lathing.

5. Before facing, the slopes of openings are installed: door and window. Installation technology depends on the type of finishing material. Cladding plates are mounted on a level using rivets, clamps, self-tapping screws.

Problems with Building supplies a house begin at the design stage. It is necessary to take into account the layout and determine the amount allocated for the purchase of building materials. When building a house from ceramic blocks,  you need to accurately take into account the required amount so that there are no unnecessary ones left at the end of the construction of the walls, and at the same time, so that the purchased ceramic blocks are enough to build a house. We will help you learn how to calculate the number of ceramic blocks.

Before calculating the required amount of material, decide on the dimensions of the building. If you have a finished project, then proceed from the size of the house in the project. If there is no project, then it is imperative to draw up, even if independently, although this is not recommended. 

The first step is to determine the total area of ​​the Building supplies. At the stage of creating a project, it is important to determine not only the dimensions and height of the building, the number of door and window openings. Next, decide on the thickness of the walls. More often it is advisable to lay a wall from a ceramic block, when the block is laid across the wall. This is enough, especially if wall insulation is planned in the future. It is necessary to find out the number of ceramic blocks required for laying one square meter of the wall. This parameter depends on the size of the ceramic blocks, and it is better to find out directly in the store, since the sizes of the blocks differ from manufacturers. If you know the size of the blocks, then the number of blocks per meter can be easily calculated using a calculator.

Knowing the required number of ceramic blocks per sq. meter, we calculate the total required amount. To do this, add the length of all walls and multiply by the height. As a result, we get the total area of ​​the walls of the house. This parameter should be written down, as it will come in handy in the future, when purchasing finishing materials. Now that you know the area of ​​all the walls of the house, subtract the area of ​​the window and door openings from it. It would seem that this does not significantly affect the calculations if the windows are small, but you should not buy unnecessary materials. The number of ceramic blocks required for the construction of partitions is calculated in a similar way - the length of all walls is multiplied by their height. Also, do not forget to subtract doorways from the resulting quantity. 

During the construction process, unforeseen moments arise - the blocks may have to be cut, and the likelihood of a battle cannot be ruled out. In order for these moments not to catch you by surprise, it is worth adding another 5% of the material to the required amount. This is enough to avoid material shortages. When selecting ceramic blocks from different manufacturers, also pay attention to the quality of the blocks and packaging on pallets. Good quality blocks, tightly packed on pallets - the guarantee that you do not have to throw out battle and substandard.


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