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Without professional plumber, it is impossible to provide future housing with cold and hot water. Competently carried out plumbing work will bring comfort and convenience to the house. Plumbing work is one of the most significant and complex types of engineering work, since water pipes and engineering units are located in narrow and inaccessible places.

The list of the main specific plumbing works includes:

  • Laying of water supply and sewerage systems.
  • Installation of plumbing equipment (sinks, toilets, showers).
  • Installation or replacement of consumables and mandatory devices (meters, filters).
  • Connecting household appliances.
  • Repair and replacement of heating network segments.
  • Any plumbing work requires high qualifications and certain skills.
  • Types of plumbing and features of installation work
  • All types of the most common plumbing work can be conditionally divided by purpose:
  • engineering work;
  • household work.

The engineering often includes the replacement of consumables, the repair of elements or structural parts.For household appliances - installation of household appliances and other professional plumber fixtures. These include:

  • connection of baths;
  • bidet connection;
  • connection of washbasins;
  • installation of a toilet;
  • shower installation;
  • bath installation.

professional plumber should be carried out exclusively by qualified personnel, since the further operability of equipment, water supply and sewerage systems will depend on this.

Materials for plumbing works

In the process of carrying out repair and restoration work, mainly stainless steel, as well as chrome-plated and nickel-plated steel are used. Since they are resistant to moisture and other aggressive environments in the form of detergents and cleaning agents. Ceramics are most commonly used in the manufacture of sanitary ware.

Tips to follow while plumbing.

All plumbing works must be strictly performed by qualified professional plumber with experience and specific skills. Otherwise, such work can lead to negative consequences: broken pipes, flooding, various breakdowns.

Before installing any household appliances and other plumbing fixtures in the premises, it is necessary to clearly install and lay all engineering systems, in strict accordance with the permits and regulations and requirements.

A boiler is a device that includes a body, a thermostat and a heating element, located inside the body of the water heater. The thermostat is actually a sensor for measuring and analyzing temperature. Based on it, you can clearly understand what temperature the water is now in the boiler. Teng is a heating element, thanks to which water is heated. Also, the boiler has a fuse that protects the device from negative cases, and a magnesium anode. The anode in the boiler prevents corrosion during prolonged use.

Connection process

As soon as the device is purchased, it is necessary to choose the place for connecting the boilers to the mains. For self-connection, you can use the attached instructions. In the process of connecting the device, you will need the following materials and tools:

1. 3-core cable of adequate power.

2. Residual current device.

3. Socket for connection.

4. Drill for drilling or hammer drill.

5. Stucco or similar material for filling holes.

6. A set of tools - a hammer, screwdrivers of various calibers, pliers.

Before starting the installation, you should take measurements and draw a sketch at the attachment point. For safety, it is better to connect the water heater to a separate power supply. Thus, the load on the wiring will be reduced. It is necessary that the boiler has free access for unscheduled professional plumber or emergency work. The boiler must be rigidly fixed to the brackets.

When connecting boilers to an outlet, it is required to grind a recess and a groove in the wall for cable routing. The three-wire cable is plugged into the socket and the terminals are connected. Then the extra holes are covered with putty.

The installation of a residual current device is necessary to ensure the safety of the residents of the house. You can choose either an electronic or an electromechanical machine. The RCD should be located next to the electric meter. The RCD will protect the device from fire in case of mains voltage drops or wiring short.

A heated towel rail is a very convenient device that allows you not only to dry towels, but also to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. If you want to place a heated towel rail in your bathroom, contact our professional plumber company 

Before proceeding with the installation of a heated towel rail, it is imperative to write an application to the housing department for cutting off the water and agree on the date of the work. Installation of a heated towel rail is a combination of the inputs and outputs of the radiator circuit with the fittings of the heating system riser or the water main. For this, it is best to use plastic pipes, which, together with taps and couplings, are connected into one piece using a special soldering iron. The use of metal-plastic and copper pipes is also allowed, but their features must be taken into account. So, the first products have a smaller cross-section than plastic ones, and they tolerate various pressure changes worse. Copper products have a very long service life, but they are quite expensive, and when welding them, fire safety rules must be strictly observed.

The insert of a heated towel rail into the hot water supply system guarantees its year-round heating, therefore it is more preferable. It professional plumber is connected to the centralized heating system in the event that there is no hot water supply in the house, and then it can only function in the cold season.

For a heated towel rail to work effectively, it is very important to organize a slight slope of the supply pipe in the direction of the water flow. For the entire length of the liner, it should be equal to about 5-10 mm. A gap must be maintained between the wall and the pipes. Its value should be at least 35 mm for pipes with a diameter of up to 23 mm and 50 mm for thicker ones. It is recommended to place the heated towel rail at a height of 120 cm from the floor.

Well, if you are interested in such a service as installing a toilet , our company is ready to provide you with it on favorable terms.


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