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According to the portal top realtors in Australia, who are considered the stars of the profession, earn up to 100 thousand dollars a month. True, there are only a few such specialists. How to become a successful Real Estate Agent and make millions, we learned from the millionaire agents themselves.

Konstantin Rabitz manages a real estate agency and is engaged in investment and development projects in Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

He was once a factory engineer. In the late 1980s, he created a production cooperative, and later became the head of a project for the export of petroleum products. But the project was closed, and Konstantin was left without work. Circumstances forced him to sell the house

.He turned to two agents. The first did not say anything about the transaction, and Real Estate Agent did not understand what he would do. The second voiced an action plan, compared prices for similar houses and provided a clear agreement without abstruse phrases.  Then Rabitz realized that you can work with real estate if you know how to sell and explain complex things in simple words . So he became a realtor, created his own real estate agency and in 15 years grew from a simple agent to a businessman-investor.

When I learned to explain clearly, I gained confidence. And not because I began to earn more, but because I began to benefit people! Each has two "wings": spiritual and material. When they are in balance, then the person likes to be useful, and he comes to success. And all the bumps that he stuffed before, he perceives as experience.

But first you need to understand: are you doing your own business? There is a technique. Identify what is uncomfortable with your life, and then paint the perfect picture. Answer the question: does work with real estate help build it? If so, then your head will automatically determine the steps you need to take on the path to success. Our agency has a real estate business school . When teaching newcomers, we devote many hours to the issues of personal growth, self-determination and coaching so that a person understands exactly why he came into the profession. Only after that we talk about the laws of real estate and business

Real Estate Agent was engaged in trading in the field of petrochemistry, but failed. It was a blow to him. Trying to reconsider his life and understand what to do next, he settled alone in the Kostroma forest and lived there for six months.When he returned to Moscow, he began to look for new ideas for business. He understood that the business should be useful to people . So I looked at Maslow's Pyramid of Needs. The roof over your head is one of the main ones. So he settled on real estate and became a realtor.

10 years have passed. He now lives in Sochi and runs his own agency. One of the objects he sells is the Laura elite mountain residence in Real Estate Agent with a helipad and a tennis court. Eugene kept the name of the owner a secret, as well as the size of his commission.

When choosing a job, ask yourself: "How can I be useful?" The realtor must understand why the client needs him. When this happens, he realizes himself as a person and a professional. Because he begins to share his skills, and this is one of the factors of success.

The skill is acquired through practice, reading, and attending trainings. The market is changing very quickly, and everyone in our profession is obliged to keep abreast of changes.

Oleg Sviridov became a realtor only 5 years ago, and today he is already the "Best Agent" in 2015, 2016 and 2017 according to the Trade Union of Realtors of Russia. At first he worked in an agency, but after completing Alexander Sankin's training "Millionaire Agent in 90 Days" he  mastered the new auction method of real estate sales , and everything changed dramatically in his career.

Now, in a team of like-minded people, Oleg is promoting a project with the innovative technology Cashback in Real Estate . One of the successful deals was the sale of an elite apartment in Moscow worth 110 million rubles, on which he received a commission of 6%.

I think the training was my most successful investment. Therefore, I advise you to attend such events, because there you can not only learn important things, but most importantly - communicate with successful realtors. You need to read a lot: both professional literature and books on self-development. For example, I have compiled a list of books that I should read. And for self-discipline, once a week I post a summary of what I read on my Instagram . Very helpful.

Do not limit your horizons to one real estate - explore other areas of business. "Chips" that are useful in our business can be taken from anywhere.

Tatiana Tarantsova has been working in real estate since 1992, when the profession of a realtor was just emerging in Russia. During this time , the Clipper agency , in which she works, has grown into a huge company with many divisions. It cooperates with 78 developers in Real Estate Agent under long-term contracts and sells luxury apartments on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

To become a successful realtor, you need to follow the trends. Today you need to have a YouTube channel and communities in social networks. Our company, for example, has a main account on Instagram. But this is not enough. Each agent also maintains a professional page on social networks and promotes a personal brand against the background of the company's brand. We help each other with reposts and comments. All this brings popularity to both the agency and specialists. Another tip for novice agents is to choose the right company and the right direction for yourself (sale / rent / economy class / elite, etc.). If you are starting from scratch, then don't work alone - learn from the professionals.


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