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One of the first things to take into account in an installation of solar panels for self-consumption is the design and dimension of the installation. Panel installers analyze different aspects to determine the number of solar energy panels needed and the best way to install solar energy , however, many people like to know what the design and calculation process of one of these self-consumption installations is like. In this blog we will tell you how they design this type of installation either for homes or businesses.

Factors to take into account when calculating the photovoltaic installation

We will begin with the sizing and calculation of the installation of photovoltaic solar energy . What we must take into account at the beginning is the space we have available for the solar panels , it can be on the roof or on the ground, and then we must consider the annual electricity consumption of the home or business . Other things to think about are the type of inverters and panels that we will install, the added structures , the orientation and the shadows.

How many solar panels do I need for a house?

Many users choose to install the plates on the ceiling. If your intention is this, the space available on your roof will be decisive to calculate the maximum number of panels that can be installed . Although it is true that the size of the panels does not have a standard measurement, most manufacturers do not vary their measurements much.

The space on your roof can be limited by chimneys, ventilation, elevator, etc. Since they occupy a space that can make it difficult or prevent the installation from reaching 100% of your annual electricity consumption. The installer will be in charge of identifying the obstacles that cannot be overcome and orienting you on which ones you can put supports for the plates , always complying with current regulations.

In the event that your roof does not have enough space for the installation of solar panels , the most sensible thing would be to opt for more efficient panels , which will generate more energy per square meter as opposed to the standard ones. They tend to have a higher cost, but are amortized in the long term with the savings they generate in the electricity bill . In any case, the installer will offer you different options to guarantee that your house is sufficiently supplied and in the most efficient way. At Auto solar energy we have professional technicians who will carry out the sizing and calculate the number of solar panels needed.

Electricity consumptions

To make the most of your solar panel installation, it must be designed in such a way that it covers 100% of the annual electricity bill, or if not, to cover 100% of your consumption during daylight hours. This varies depending on the type of photovoltaic installations you want to have, if you want to isolate yourself from the grid, put batteries or remain connected to it. For this reason the technicians will need bills , thus being able to calculate how much energy you will need to cover all your energy costs. They will also calculate the percentage of savings that you will get on your bill through the installation of solar panels .

There are cases in which it is necessary to make a calculation of an isolated photovoltaic installation , either for a house isolated from the network or for a new construction, in these cases the consumption must be estimated based on the type of lighting appliances, etc. installed in the home or premises. If it is an installation disconnected from the grid, the cost of the necessary batteries should also be included in the calculation .

Optimal installation size will vary based on geographic location and type of roof . The photovoltaic panels generate electricity through the light they receive from the solar energy, therefore, with a roof oriented south the panels generate more electricity than panels that are oriented to the north or are very shaded . Orientation is a highly important factor in the calculation of the photovoltaic installation .

How do shadows affect the installation of solar panels?

It is very normal for roofs to be shaded either by nearby buildings or trees or simply chimneys. The installer may decide not to put the panels in the shaded areas, thus maximizing the performance of the system or to recommend specific equipment for these shading cases. Microinverters or power optimizers are used to limit the effect of shading on overall performance.

There are other circumstances, such as the resistance or the general condition of the roof, the electrical system or the eventual shadows that may make it necessary for an engineer to visit your home or premises to carry out the relevant study so that the installation of the solar energy is the correct one. optimum. All these factors are taken into account when designing a photovoltaic installation and all of them must be taken into account for its operation.


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