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Are you looking for accommodation in Australia for your next trip? Whether you decide to reserve it in advance or once there, this guide will help you do it in the best way and, perhaps, save money.

All pages have a similar format. The first thing you have to do is select the City you want to visit and enter the travel dates . Once you list the hostels / accommodations available, you can sort the results by Price, Location, Availability, Recommendation Score, among others.

You can also filter the results by minimum or maximum price, by hotel accommodation style (Hotel, Hostel, Pensions, Apartments, Campings or all types), by type of room (single, double, shared, etc.), by services included or offered (breakfast, internet, parking, bar, air conditioning, etc) and means of payment (credit card, only cash, etc).

I like to see first, more than the list, the Map view with the results, to see where I want to be in terms of location, and what points of interest I have nearby, as well as mobility (train stations, subways, etc).

I recommend that you place the Euro currency if you are going to go to Europe. The important thing is that, in order not to get dizzy in the comparisons, in all the websites you use, you put the results in the same currency.Something that I find interesting is also doing the search on the official website of the Hostel or hotel accommodation that interested me, to see if the prices are the same or more convenient.

Other information: I usually do a last search on to see if there are hotels or private rooms at similar prices to Hostels. It happened to me to find a double room with a private bathroom for a few euros more than a Hostel with a shared room. It never hurts a last check, but if you want a bit of privacy after months of backpacking.

During my 6-month trip to Australia in 2020, there were times when I needed to "not share" the bathroom or the room, so I opted to rent a room with my family, I met wonderful people and they showed me places that otherwise surely would not have been. I have! I was satisfied with the airbnb platform , here I tell you my experience!

And of course, there are also social exchange websites with free hosting! The best known is Couchsurfing where you can look for a "sofa" to sleep in any city in the world. The important thing (as with airbnb ) is to read the references, whoever receives you should have several and positive ones. To search and request your place you have to create a profile, the more complete the better!

Included Services that help me choose a Hotel:

  • Breakfast.
  • Kitchen (you save a lot!).
  • Internet.
  • Store suitcases (before and after check-in or check-out times).
  • Lockers (ask if they give you padlocks, anyway, it is always advisable to carry one).
  • Sheets included. Towels would be a great plus!
  • Laundry (if you stay many days, if not there is always one nearby).
  • 24 hour reception (so that there are no deadlines to arrive or leave).

It is also important that you read the comments of other guests  who have stayed. Valuations are generally divided into aspects such as: location, cleanliness, security, personnel, facilities, and overall value . This helps you to compare according to what is most important to you. You can also do a double-check on Trip Advisor!

How do I make a reservation?

Super simple! You must click on the room you want to book, for example, 6-bed mixed room with shared bathroom. Then, the number of beds you want to reserve (if more than one person goes, you must enter the exact number of people traveling).

Also remember to check the dates , if they are the ones you actually entered when you started the search.Then they will ask you for a credit card . hotel accommodation  Depending on the website you have chosen, if they charge you something or not for making the reservation. For example:

HotelWorld: No management fee. It charges you a 15% deposit or down payment, which will be deducted from the total. Example, if your reservation was for 100 Euros, they will charge you from your credit card when you book 15 euros, and when you enter the hotel they will charge you the remaining 85.


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