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Power plants generate electricity from the main electricity grid for areas that do not depend on the electricity grid and for power purchase agreements (“Power Purchase Agreement”, PPA)

Electrical Solution power plants can provide and guarantee energy for various types of demands and markets, such as utilities and the mining sector. The two most important applications provide electricity from the main power grid to remote areas, primarily mining projects and central electricity sources for utility power utilities with power purchase agreements (PPAs) . From supplying supplemental power for unreliable grids to providing multi-megawatt power for projects in remote areas not dependent on the grid, a power plant is the Electrical Solution to ensure your power supply remains safe and your business keep going.

In general, power plants, or power stations, consist of several generators that operate continuously to produce nominal primary power and several auxiliary generators to produce standby power. The generators supply the necessary energy . The standby generators take over when a planned or unplanned power failure occurs , or when demand is at peak periods.

In addition to a range of diesel generator sets , we have custom gasoline generator sets available for rental. These generator sets can form a modular system from 1000 kVA to a multi-megawatt power plant. When used in conjunction with Power Modules, they are connected using DEIF controls for optimal performance.


An uninterruptible power supply is essential for daily life. In many situations, a rental power plant is the best solution to guarantee power supply. Remote areas that are not dependent on the power grid, such as mining sites, frequently face insufficient or interrupted power supply situations. However, in any mining project, electrical self-sufficiency is essential to ensure that there are no downtime in production due to power failure. Electrical Solution utility companies must be able to continue providing their services, no matter what; otherwise, your customers could lose more than electricity. This is why they need to be able to guarantee a continuous and reliable power supply.

A temporary power plant can also be a valuable addition to a renewable energy network, to offset declines in solar, hydro, or wind power production or to supply supplemental power in the event of a peak in demand.


Electrical Solution offers the rental of power plants for any occasion. We offer various power plant rental solutions, from an uninterruptible power supply for mining projects in remote areas to supplying PPA or Independent Power Producer (IPP) solutions for utilities. Our CAT generators are known for their efficiency, reliability and safety. These generators are housed in rugged, 20ft (diesel only) or 40ft (diesel and gasoline), hardened iron and CSC plate ISO containers and are easy to transport by road, sea or air. Our experienced application engineers can design a custom power plant solution that best meets your needs.

Our power plants can supply temporary power to utility companies to support a utility grid despite upgrades, as well as provide electricity to remote areas that are not yet connected to the power grid. In addition to an extensive fleet of diesel generator rentals, we also offer gasoline generator rental solutions for power plants. Gas electric modules offer several advantages, of which low fuel consumption is probably the most notable. In addition, gas is widely available throughout the world through liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline networks and terminals. Electrical Solution gasoline generators are suitable for use in demanding environments.


Our power plant rental solutions support a wide range of applications.

Long-term solutions:

  • Nominal primary power for non-grid dependent areas
  • Backup power for areas with unreliable utility power
  • IPP or PPA solutions for public electricity supply services.

Temporary solutions for utilities:

  • Catenary replacement or maintenance
  • Upgrades or replacement of existing equipment
  • Network emergencies and unplanned power failures
  • Periods when demand is exceptional to prevent load shedding and peak load leveling
  • Reserve energy for plant construction


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