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Electricity is expensive , that is a fact. According to  data, Spain currently occupies fifth place in the ranking of European countries with the most expensive electricity. If we do a historical analysis, we find a very illustrative data: in the last 10 years electricity has become more expensive by 72.68%. 

Therefore, we have no choice but to get down to work and take energy saving measures at home that do not allow us to reduce the monthly electricity bill by a few euros. 

The key question is, what do we have to do to achieve greater savings in electricity? The answer is not simple, but in any case achieving the desired energy efficiency requires putting in place a savings strategy , in which to take into account which Electrical Services and household appliances in our home use the most electricity and associate them with specific measures of saving.

Energy saving measures in heating and air conditioning

The temperature control of the home is essential to save electricity, because the air conditioners and heat pump typically consume a lot of energy. The good news is that the following measures can save you a lot for this concept :

Buy air conditioning and heating appliances that have the highest energy efficiency rating . Although they are somewhat more expensive, in a short time you will recover the investment due to the energy savings they represent.

Another crucial aspect is to properly insulate your home , especially windows and doors, as it can save you up to 30% on heating.

Set the thermostat to the comfort temperature : between 20-22º in summer and 22-25º in winter . You will save energy and, possibly, the occasional cold due to excessive cold or heat inside your house and because of the contrast when you go out.

It is important to keep the air conditioning clean , especially the filters, and follow the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Cleaning and optimal maintenance are essential for a correct and efficient operation of the appliances,Electrical Services  which translates into greater efficiency and energy savings.

How to save electricity in your appliances 

For household appliances we must follow the same strategy as with air conditioning: acquire appliances with a high energy rating and keep them in optimal cleaning and maintenance conditions. But also each device has its tricks to save light:Refrigerator . Electrical Services Keep it away from heat sources , such as a radiator or an oven and control the temperature appropriately (we recommend -18ºC for the freezer and + 5ºC for the refrigerator).

Washing machine . Filling the washing machine well in each wash and setting it to 40ºC will save you a lot of energy than if you only put a couple of garments at a time and with a 60ºC cycle.Dishwasher. Stockpile dishes and put them only when it's full and on a short program. 

The best energy saving measures in lighting

In our particular energy saving strategy, we must not make the mistake of underestimating the cost of lighting . On average, a Spanish home has about 23 light bulbs that are usually on for a minimum of 8 hours a day. And that at the end of the year represents a not inconsiderable percentage of total electricity expenditure. To reduce it, we must combine three key factors:

Prioritize natural lighting as much as we can , for example by drawing the curtains and raising the blinds to take advantage of the sunlight.Replace conventional fluorescent and light bulbs with low-consumption ones (LED).Pay attention to details such as using light colors on the walls or properly distributing light sources, as they reduce the need to turn on so many lights for many hours.

How to deal with "phantom consumption"

Some call it "phantom consumption" and others "silent consumption." In reality, it is all that electricity that you are consuming, and logically also paying, without needing it at all: pure waste .

The main "culprit" of this totally unnecessary consumption is that consumption in stand-by so common in devices such as televisions or microwaves. But there are other devices that also cause this unnecessary consumption, such as the internal transformers of many devices , which continue to consume as long as they are plugged in.

Luckily, nipping this type of consumption in the bud is extremely simple : you just have to unplug the device and, to be safer, also the power Electrical Services supply. In this way, we guarantee zero consumption when we are not using the device.

How much do electrical appliances consume on standby?

It is difficult to calculate it exactly , since it depends a lot on the type of appliance, the model and its energy efficiency.

It is known, for example, that TV decoders, laptops and microwaves are some of the devices that consume the most in standby , being able to increase consumption by about 35 kWh per year each , which translates into in about 6 euros more every year . However, contrary to popular belief, having a mobile plugged into the load hardly increases consumption.

We will finish the article by emphasizing one last question: choosing the appropriate rate from the distribution company that offers us the most advantages is, without a doubt, the best way to save costs.

Calculate how much you will save on your Electrical Services bill with our savings calculator . You only need a recent invoice and in 3 minutes you will know how much you could save.


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