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What steps must be followed in Building inspection

The primary objective of the rehabilitation of a building is to extend the useful life of the property. The useful life depends on the quality of the materials with which the property has been manufactured. In addition, we must take into consideration aspects such as security, accessibility for people with mobility problems, and outdated facilities that do not comply with current regulations.But let's see what are the necessary steps when we carry out a Building inspection 

The primary objective of the rehabilitation of a building is to extend the useful life of the property.

1. Diagnosis of the condition of the building

The first thing we do is analyze the structure of the building . We observe the deficiencies that appear in the form of cracks, settlement of the building, deformations, possible water leaks and any other anomaly.

2. Preparation of a technical proposal

We draw up a project to propose solutions to improve all the anomalies that we have detected during the diagnosis. The proposal indicates the steps necessary to rehabilitate the Building inspection and includes the report, plans, budget and conditions.

3. Request for administrative procedures

We take care of processing the license corresponding to the restructuring of the building with the town planning department.

4. Execution

Here we proceed to carry out the necessary works for the rehabilitation of the Building inspection through a company specialized in restructuring. Scaffolds are in place and safety nets are installed. In this way, the restructuring of the facades continues, to later proceed with interior patios and later with hallways and stairways. At this point, the waterproofing works and the works that are necessary for the underground areas of the property (basements and foundations) can be carried out. Finally, the supply facilities are repaired or replaced, such as the electrical system, which comply with the energy efficiency regulations.The interior coatings are made, as a replacement for flooring. The last phase of the work consists of executing the finishes.

The primary objective of the rehabilitation of a building is to extend the useful life of the property.

5. Signature of the work completion document

When the restructuring works are completed, it is necessary to sign the corresponding document of end of work . Both the representatives of the property and the company that carried out the work place their signatures. Thus, its reception is declared and it is stated if there are reservations.

6. Issuance of certificate

The architect who has directed the rehabilitation will be in charge of signing the certificate of completion of the work.


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