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Preparation of a layout and printing services of an author's book in a custom printing house

printing services

Our printing services is often asked to publish their own books . Recently, this is a very popular request of customers and a line of business that we are successfully implementing. Authors turn to us for layout, design and printing of books of various contents: these are books of memoirs, and their own literary works, and collections of poems for children, and photo books with explanations, etc.


Now the book can be published by any author at his own expense, completely controlling all stages of preparation of the layout . Such books are most often not published for commercial purposes and are of great importance to the customer. As a rule, the circulation of author's books is small, from several dozen to several hundred copies. The publication is intended for a narrow audience: family members, friends, acquaintances.


The author himself can choose the format he needs, circulation, paper, order a cover design, choose illustrations, typeface and other components of the future book. The specialists of our  printing services  will help to bring all ideas to life. Our designers will prepare a layout taking into account all your wishes, make a text layout , create an original cover design.

printing services


Our publications


The photo shows the books published by our printing services  in the last month. These products clearly demonstrate our range of capabilities, as well as design options. These are books of different formats, in soft and hard covers, with glossy and matte lamination. The design also differs in variety depending on the wishes of the author.

We see how satisfied our clients are when they receive their own book, high-quality and decently designed. You can easily imagine how pleasant it is to give your entire work, embodied in the form of a book, to friends and family.


Order your own book at the printing services 


Please yourself and your loved ones by making your old dream come true - publish your own book with our help. You will be surprised how affordable and accessible it is, asking for a calculation of the cost of your estimated circulation. The cost of a book depends on many parameters related to each other, such as: the number of pages, format, circulation, paper weight, soft or hard cover, the use of post- printing services  methods (embossing, lamination, UV varnishing, etc.)


We can offer both an inexpensive printing option and a more solid performance. We print large runs, over 300 copies, by offset printing , and small ones by digital printing servicesFor any questions, you can always contact our employees and choose exactly the option that suits your idea and budget.


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