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How to install floor and mobile Air conditioning

A mobile Air conditioning is an excellent option for rented apartments and offices, for buildings where, due to circumstances, it is impossible to mount a stationary split system, and for country houses. Installation of such an air conditioner is easier than other types, but you still have to take time.

Varieties of floor air conditioners

Floor-standing or mobile air conditioners are available in two types, each of which is good in its own way:

  1. Monoblock - consists of one block, which looks like a bedside table on wheels. It is convenient to transport it from room to room. The compressor is located inside the unit and during operation, noise is felt, but it is quite tolerable for a person who is languishing from the heat. Equipped with a corrugated tube with a diameter of 10 cm, which facilitates the release of warm air to the balcony or open window. The maximum area that the air conditioner can cool does not exceed 25 square meters;
  2. Split system - consists of two separate blocks, one of which is lowered to the outside on special fasteners-belts. Thanks to this unit, the air conditioner can cool a room of about 60 sq.m.

Both air conditioners are sold fully assembled and ready to go. Professional installation is not required. In addition, floor standing Air conditioning have a remote control, different options and are available in different colors.

A mobile  Air conditioning  is an excellent option for rented apartments and offices, for buildings where, due to circumstances

Benefits of floor standing, mobile air conditioners

The advantages of such air conditioners are obvious, they can be distinguished as follows:

  1. There is no need to look for a suitable place for permanent installation on the walls;
  2. Do-it-yourself installation is possible, without the involvement of specialists and without extra financial costs. All the necessary parts are included in the delivery set, at home it remains only to assemble a simple structure;
  3. The device looks modern and fits organically into any interior;
  4. The air conditioner can be easily moved from one room to another.

But for the efficient operation of the air conditioner, the heated air must be removed outside the room that is being cooled.

Installation of a monoblock floor

Before installing a floor-standing air conditioner, you need to decide where the heated air will be discharged - through the window, balcony door, front door. The installation steps look like this:

  • The condensate drain pipe is inserted into the air duct, although there are varieties of monoblocks that have a stationary container for condensate to drain;
  • The air duct is connected to the air conditioner exhaust;
  • The second end of the hoses, which is often equipped with a special nozzle, lead out into a door or a slightly open window.

The air conditioner must stand upright for at least two hours before starting operation.

A mobile  Air conditioning  is an excellent option for rented apartments and offices, for buildings where, due to circumstances

Installation of a mobile split system

The mobile split system is characterized by increased power, in contrast to the monoblock, and is designed to cool a larger area. How to install a mobile Air conditioning correctly? All work is divided into the following successive stages:

  • The external unit of the mobile air conditioner is hung out of the window on special mounts or rigidly fixed with brackets. In addition, it can simply be taken out onto the terrace, veranda or utility room;
  • An indoor unit is installed in the room. The castors make it easy to move around the house. You need to choose a place where nothing will interfere with the passage of air through the grate.

When installing the outdoor unit, make sure that the distance between it and the obstacle is not less than 5 cm. The device can also be placed on a smooth surface and a container for collecting condensate can be provided if the design does not provide for a built-in container.

Features of connecting a mobile air conditioner

The rules for installing mobile air conditioners provide for compliance with some rules:

  • It is undesirable to connect the equipment to the network using an extension cord;
  • You can turn on the mobile air conditioner only into a grounded outlet;
  • It is forbidden to do grounding of climatic equipment with gas pipes;
  • You cannot turn on the device if it lacks one wall or grate;
  • The outlet where the household appliance is plugged in should be easily accessible;
  • From the climatic equipment to the wall or furniture, there must be at least half a meter so that there is an unobstructed air intake;
  • Do not install the equipment in bathrooms or outside the living room.

Before connecting a mobile Air conditioning, you need to think about where it will be connected. If there is no suitable outlet, it is carried out with mandatory grounding.

Mobile air conditioners are an innovation in HVAC equipment. Such equipment is capable of cooling a room in a few minutes, does not require labor-intensive installation and is relatively inexpensive. This allows these air conditioners to be used in offices and residential premises with maximum comfort.


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